Are you clear about your future?

I mean super clear? 

Or, do you find yourself dreaming big, and then stop yourself by thinking 'that can never happen' or 'I can never do / be that'?

Well, there are potentially two things happening here:

1. You're not clear about your future and are therefore staying small

2. You are blocking your future by thinking and believing you are small and/or not worthy

Let me tell you something

We all have the power to create our reality






If you can dream it; that is your destiny.

I've often found when working with new clients, they are unclear about their future.

For me, this is the basics and I love to help get women super clear about what their future looks like so we can meet

your future self and tap into her energy!

I believe if you can DREAM it then that is what your soul knows is possible for you.

But, how can you know what your future self looks like?

How can you get clear about what you want and what your soul wants in this lifetime?

Join me in a 3-part series workshop to:

- Understand values and what yours are

What you believe to be most important; your essence; your 'drive' for life. How can you create a future if you don't know what your values are? I believe this your foundation; your stepping stones which can help make future decisions your future self will thank you for!

- Meet your future self and tap into her energy

- Learn tools and tips to manifest your future life with ease and excitement!


SACRED IDENTITY _ Maree Walsh-109.jpg


Course Content:

  • Learn how to still the mind to gain clarity about your future desires

  • Understand values and identify your own values to help establish the foundation for your future

  • Let go of the what you think you are supposed to be/do/have and connect to your soul calling to find the truth about your future

  • How to create a vision board (interactive vision board session) and bring your vision to life

  • Learn tips, tricks and exercises to help you manifest your future with ease

In 3 days, you will receive:

  • X 3 group live video call with short meditation (Zoom)

  • An understanding of values and what your values are

  • Journal prompts & exercises

  • Tips and tricks on how to manifest with ease

  • A full instruction on how to create your vision board

  • Inspiration to manifest with grace & excitement

The 3 live classes will take place:

Tuesday 21st July 4-5pm AWST (9am-10am UK)

Wednesday 22nd July 4-5pm AWST (9am-10am UK)

Thursday 23rd July 4-5pm AWST (9-10am UK)

If you can't make the LIVE calls, don't worry, you will have full access to the recordings to work through in your own time!

If you’re struggling in gaining clarity, feeling lost about where you are and what you want, or blocking your dreams for fearing they are too 'out of reach'; it's not your fault!

You just haven't been taught how to create with clarity and in co-creation with the Universe and your soul.


Fearless Four Pod is AMAZING!!! In just a few weeks my perspective has shifted in such a positive way. Enhancing awareness of myself and behaviours. I feel the fire in my belly has ignited! No judgement, our soul fam! We are all in this together, learning so much yet still going at our own pace. I would highly recommend to my close friends and anyone who wants to let their light shine a little brighter!


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