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Connect your mind body and soul through

mindful movement

Yoga and meditation have helped me reconnect back to myself; aligning my mind, body and soul. Practicing mindful movement, incorporating breath and meditation help to stimulate a healthy flow of energy throughout our being.


Yin yoga is a relatively new practice which the addresses the fascia; the connective tissue which surrounds our muscles, bones, organs and joints.  Its principles come from Chinese Medicine and works with the meridian lines. It consists of floor-based poses which are held for longer periods, focusing on relaxing, releasing restrictions and increasing blood flow and energy back to a particular area. The long restorative holds emphasise 'stillness', 'hold' and an 'edge' of the range of movement, assisting with the de-conditioning of stagnant energies.

It's important to have a balance in life; the yin and the yang; feminine and masculine. While we live in a very masculine, action based world, Yin yoga can help us balance, offering a stillness, soft and openness. 





There are many different types of yoga and Hatha generally includes most yoga styles.  The practice includes static asanas (yoga postures), meditation postures and breathing exercises (pranayama).  Hatha yoga helps you to reconnect back to yourself; aligning your mind body and soul, bringing inner peace through shifting stagnant energy and drawing in fresh prana (energy).

There are gentle hatha flows which are great for beginners, or more intense flows; depending on what you prefer and what your body and soul needs.

I used to, and know the stresses this unfolds.  Put me in touch with your HR department and I can arrange to teach a class at your place of work, for you and your colleagues
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