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The story

The name 'The Little Flower' is inspired by the owner's name, Therese. In addition, St Therese is the Patron Saint of Florists and most of Therese's designs will be floral - so the name seemed the perfect fit!

Therese has found a perfect technique to creating beautiful floral patterns in her pottery pieces and is working in the background, creating beautiful ceramic pottery pieces to be able to sell online. In the immediate, she wanted a logo as she was selling a few pieces in the local suburb.

TLFP Logo.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 5.28.52 pm.png

I recently commissioned Mariee to work on a logo for my new boutique online business. I am very impressed with how she listened and quickly understood just what I was wanting to convey.

Her expertise and creative flair combined with the efficient manner in which she

delivered is very commendable.


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