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Throughout our cycle of life, as women, we have various Rites of Passage. A Rite of Passage is an initiation into a life phase that we move into. For example, our own birth is our first Rite of Passage; our second as women is our first period (Menarche is the official term). Another initiation is if/when you become a Mother; transitioning out of your Maiden years; then we have the menapause initiation etc.

For so many of us, the time of and around our first period, when we first step into womb-anhood, was not celebrated or acknowledged, but instead riddled with shame and embarrassment.  What we learn about ourselves at this time; about being a woman and having a period can lead us to feel and believe that being a woman was wrong, dirty or unsafe.Perhaps you don't remember much around that time, perhaps your Mum or mother figure gave you some pads and barely spoke to you about it, perhaps you went through it alone, scared and with no support.  Whatever your experience, on or around this time creates a blueprint for you through the journey of life - it has the potential to leap you into a future timeline of self-loathing, confusion and isolation; or one of fierce self-knowledge, inner power access and freedom. 

If you were not honoured at your first bleed and taught that your feminine energy is the most powerful energy within you, now is the time to receive the honouring, feminine wisdom,  celebration and ritual you deserve.

Girls Praying


Many cultures across the globe celebrate their first periods - they know it is a Rite of Passage for all girls entering womanhood.


Girls from the Amazonian Tikuna tribe spend 3 months to a year living in private rooms in their family homes after getting their period and learn about the history, beliefs and music of their tribe. This period ends with a celebration and welcome back into community.

In West Africa, among the Dagara people of West Africa, the initiation of girls happens once a year for all the girls of have begun menstruation the year before. The initiation ceremony is the start of a long period of mentoring that includes learning about sex, intimacy and the healing powers that lie in the menstruating woman.

In Japan there are some places where after a girl's first period the family celebrates by eating a traditional dish called sekihan made of sticky rice and adzuki beans. The red colour of the dish symbolises happiness and celebration.

In  North America there are native tribes who pay tribute with a celebration called The Sunrise Ceremony. The girls wear symbolic outfits and have different rituals where the girls recieve gifts and have a big celebratory feast.

It's clear that in many places and cultures across the world, menstruation is recognised as a critical shift in a girl's life and a clear boundary between childhood and adulthood is created to assert traditional, community and personal values.

Across much of the west, however, the transitional time has been largely forgotten and ignored. Patriarchy and societal influences have disconnected women from the power that lie within their wombs and sacred blood.  The deeper significance of menstruation has been buried; up until now. We no longer have to follow this narrative, we can change our story, the collective story and the story of our children's children.

 A woman’s commitment to connect with her womb, her natural rhythm and her cycle to reclaim herself and her power can bring about a radical change in every aspect of her life and can clear the path for future generations.

The Ceremony

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This ceremony is all about reclaiming that important gateway to embracing the journey to becoming a WHOLE woman. I have been inspired to bring forth this ceremony for those of you who did not have the opportunity to celebrate your menarche in a positive way or those of you who have been separated or disconnected from your womb innocence along the journey of life.

The ceremony provides the space to remember what happened at your menarche and tender teenage years and be re- initiated by re-writing the script to one that is positive, powerful and empowering. With the support of other women, I invite you to start anew and create a different experience, remembering the sacredness and wise woman that lies within you.

Whether your first period was in the not too distant past, or whether you are postmenopausal, the the reclamation of your womanhood will flow out to other areas of your life.

Flower Girl

What To Expect

  • Each ceremony begins with a ritual to create a safe container to hold us during the journey in our sacred circle.

  • Sitting in circle we have the opportunity to share, talk, reflect and witness one another. We talk about the feminine wisdom and where it has been lost over time.

  • We will look at the cycles of life and reclaim our inner cycle and rites of passage within the web of life.

  • We will explore and identify any unhealthy or unwanted messages that we received about being a woman at and around the time of our first bleed (Maiden years) and let them go.

  • We will rewrite the script and tap into empowering beliefs and our true feminine wisdom

  • We will step into our full power through dance, yoga, movement and embodiment practices and return to the innocence of being a woman

  • Meditation and breathwork to assist in softening into our heart and womb spaces to create space for healing

  • A womb honouring and blessing

  • Meeting like minded sisters and making new friends!


Book Your Place

Women's Womb Ritual 

Sunday 3rd April 2022

6.00- 8pm AWST

Online via Zoom


Your Host

  • Mariee is a Women's Empowerment Mentor, Womb Witch, Women's Circle Facilitator, Reiki Teacher and Yoga & Meditation Practitioner. She weaves the thread of feminine magic to assist you on deepening your connection to your Self and the Divine Feminine through the gateway of your womb.

  • Mariee creates a safe, loving space that allows you to open up to the Divine Feminine essence that resides within your womb and tap into your innate power.

I was so ashamed of bleeding

I was so ashamed of 'bleeding'. I used to hide it away, flushing the chain in the toilet to avoid the sound of the towel unwrapping. For years I couldn't use a tampon as I feared this part of my body so much, I didn't dare to even touch it. Whenever I had period pain I would be given pain killers and was never told about how your body works in cycles and to rest, slow down and take the opportunity to turn inward during a bleed. I wasn't taught how to honour this time or about the connection between menstruations and moon cycles. And so I navigated through life very disconnected from my womb, seeing every bleed as an inconvenience and one that I just had to 'get on with' and pretend never existed. 

Along my journey of self-healing and development, I have gone 'full circle', and returned back to the wisdom that lies within the womb. And an outcome of that journey is the opportunity for us to reclaim our Menarche through sacred

Women Menarche Ceremonies.

Mariee x

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The circle on Sunday was on another level! The evening was surreal, which is what you want from an authentic sister circle. From the moment I walked through the star, I was taken to another realm. Then the circle began and I was lived up above the maya where the celebration and healing took place. I left beaming! Thank you x


Got a question about Womb Rituals?

Email me, Find me on Facebook or DM me on Instagram!

Much love,

Mariee x

Sources: Owen, L. (1998). Honoring menstruation: a time of self-renewal. (Freedom, CA: Crossing Press), 35.

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