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Day retreats are a full immersion into the realms of the feminine mysteries.


A space to connect to the sacredness of your womb and your truest essence of being a woman.


You will be welcomed with open arms as you step into the womb portal of remembrance.


The womb awakening day retreat will awaken and activate memories and forgotten wisdom held deep within your psyche, that once unlocked can open you to your gifts, insight and power.


Do you feel a magnetic pull to start to connect to your body, to your womb power, to your feminine essence of being a womb-an?

We are being called to reconnect to our feminine mysteries, to our womb power, to reclaim our forgotten wisdom, powers of fertility and feminine consciousness.


In person retreats are both powerful and transformational, and are a deeply embodied experience that allows you to delve into your feminine way of being with integrity and truth.


As we allow time and space away from the day to day life, we create a level of safety to let go of the stresses, thoughts and conditioning and come back home to ourselves, to our inner rhythm, to nature and the cyclic way of life. We remember all that it means to be a woman.


The full day retreat is created to bring an intimate and embodied relationship with yourself and your feminine essence to unlock a deeper understanding, acceptance and love of who you are.  As we heal our feminine, we are also healing our divine masculine and that of those around us.

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The    Retreat

This retreat is all about exploring what it means to be a woman; to explore the magical gateway of the womb.

The full day retreat will help you to uncover the true potential that lies within your birthing portal and assist you in birthing new creations into the world. You will leave feeling connected, awakened and in awe of your greatest potential.

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What  To   Expect

Our time together will be fully immersive and activating, including ceremony, discussion, sacred womb practices, movement and exploration of the forgotten feminine mysteries to awaken and activate your womb and find safety with the feminine.

We will break for a beautiful vegan, high vibe lunch before deepening our experience in the Womb Temple.

Like a snake sheds its skin, you are invited to shed parts of you that are no longer needed for rebirth, transformation and healing.

We will end with a closing ceremony, a space to share and a full week long integration period where we stay connected and held by Mariee.

Book Your Place

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Women's Womb Awakening Retreat 

Saturday 26th November 2022

just after the Sagittarius New Moon, before Christmas.

10 - 5.30pm 

Venue: Om Is Where The Heart Is

23a Carr Lane, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. HD75AG

How to get there?


Your Host

  • Mariee is a Womb Awakening Practitioner, Women's Circle Facilitator, Reiki Teacher and Yoga & Meditation Practitioner. She weaves the thread of feminine magic to assist you on deepening your connection to your Self and the Divine Feminine through the gateway of your womb.

Who IsThis For?

This is for all women who are ready to connect to their feminine power and access the infinite potential that lies in the womb space.  If you are curious, check in with your womb - gently place your hands on your womb and breathe deeply; feel if she is calling for you.

Even if you don't have a physical womb, you are most welcome as we are working with the energy of the womb.

Benefits of Womb Healing

As we connect to our womb space, we bridge the connection to our feminine centre. 

We help create balance in our bodies and unblock our energy pathways.

We can clear energy from past lovers and heal from past trauma.

We can heal menstrual issues, PMS, hormonal imbalances and more.

 We can connect to our feminine essence and remember our power as a woman.

We can increase our libido, pleasure sensations & awaken our sexual energy.

We can connect to our ancestral lineage and other realms.

We can attract healthy relationships, and awaken our creativity and fertility.

What   Women Say

“Reconnecting to my womb space in a circle of women was so beautiful. I felt safe, heard and seen and gained so much from these sessions. Mariee provided a space for us to claim our raw, authentic selves and to witness this in both myself and the other women in the container was so special.”


"The circle on Sunday was on another level! The evening was surreal, which is what you want from an authentic sister circle. From the moment I walked through the star, I was taken to another realm. Then the circle began and I was lived up above the maya where the celebration and healing took place. I left beaming!

Thank you x"


“It was amazing - I hadn't really connected with my womb space before, and it was interesting to hear what 'she' was wanting to share with me. I've felt more feminine and more able to speak my truth since. I've also been more connected to my pleasure and sensuality. I so appreciate the womb sessions and your wisdom. The sessions are so different to anything I've experienced before, and I truly feel the power of this work. Thank you for your gentle and powerful guidance.”


I Was So Ashamed Of Bleeding

I was so ashamed of 'bleeding'. I used to hide it away, flushing the chain in the toilet to avoid the sound of the towel unwrapping. For years I couldn't use a tampon as I feared this part of my body so much, I didn't dare to even touch it. Whenever I had period pain I would be given pain killers and was never told about how your body works in cycles and to rest, slow down and take the opportunity to turn inward during a bleed. I wasn't taught how to honour this time or about the connection between menstruations and moon cycles. And so I navigated through life very disconnected from my womb, seeing every bleed as an inconvenience and one that I just had to 'get on with' and pretend never existed. 

My sexual experiences were not sacred; my yoni was not treated like the delicate yet powerful rose that she is. I didn't understand the energy exchange of sexual experiences, nor the trauma of IUD implants. I terminated a pregnancy at a young age and hid this and my periods for years. I feared the feminine so much I resided predominantly in my masculine, protecting myself from being 'hurt'.

Along my journey of self-healing and development, it has been quite a journey, coming 'full circle', and returned back to the wisdom that lies within the womb. The place from which we are all born from.

 I'm so excited to bring this retreat to you to guide you back to the wisdom that too, lies within your womb.

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Payment  Options

Pay In Full

PLEASE NOTE, some have had issues with Paypal so if you'd prefer to transfer please email me

Pay Deposit

PLEASE NOTE, some have had issues with Paypal so if you'd prefer to transfer please email me

& Pay £70 on the day 

Deposit & Payment Plan

PLEASE NOTE, some have had issues with Paypal so if you'd prefer to transfer please email me

Pay in instalments that best suit you. We will discuss together.

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How To Get There


Get a train to Huddersfield Train Station, then hop onto a train to Slaithwaite. You will arrive in Slaithwaite in 6 minutes.

Our venue, Om Is Where The Heart Is is a short 5 minute walk from the station.


Put Om Is Where The Heart Is, 23A Carr Ln, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5AG, United Kingdom in your maps.

There is a carpark opposite the venue and plenty of on-street parking nearby.


 We can organise lifts/accommodation as appropriate for those travelling from further afield. Look out for the invitation to the Facebook group following your booking for discussion and arrangements as a group.

Got A Question About The Retreat?

Email me, Find me on Facebook or DM me on Instagram!

Much love,

Mariee x

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