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Wisdom Keeper

activate & awaken your womb

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your journey to discover your true feminine power

Wisdom Keeper is a 4 month sacred sisterhood journey that leads you to the true Divine Feminine,

through the gateway of your womb.   You will be held in love as you journey into the depths of your womb space and connect to 'her' and all of 'her' wisdom.


It is a gentle yet powerful experience that will help you to uncover the true potential that lies within your

birthing portal and assist you in birthing new creations into the world.

The programme is created to bring an intimate and embodied relationship with yourself and your feminine essence to unlock a deeper understanding, acceptance and love of who you are.

As we heal our feminine, we are also healing our divine masculine and that of those around us.

Wisdom Keeper is a sacred space that embodies the art and magic of being a woman; it is remembering those forgotten parts of ourself and healing the feminine disconnection and wounding that has been created over thousands of years. Are you feeling her call?


this is for you if

You have felt shame around your body and/or periods

You suffer with menstrual issues (PMS, painful periods, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, cysts etc)

You find yourself judging or comparing yourself to others

You are ready to explore the 'mother wound' and delve into your inner narratives

You have trouble receiving (you find it easy to give to others, but when it comes to receiving, or asking for help, that can be hard!)

You're afraid to use your voice and speak up

You struggle to let go of past relationships

You struggle to let go of control - you live off lists, structure and like to know what is happening at all times

You feel disconnected from your intuition

You struggle to set and withhold boundaries

You experience some disconnection to your sexual nature and intimacy

You find it hard to get out of your head (constantly thinking, over analysing)

You are ready to connect to your feminine essence and nature​​


in this embodied experience you will

Learn how to set up sacred space and ritual

Connect to the Feminine through the gateway of your heart and womb 

 Learn about the magic and mystery of the yoni  

Build your connection to the earth mother (Gaia) and our creation elements

Learn about the history of the feminine connection to the womb (womb religion), our moon cycle and yoni rituals

Learn all about cycle awareness - how to cycle sync, work with your cycle and support your seasons

Activate your sacral, root and throat chakra and bring them into alignment

Connect to your healing powers to heal womb woundings and ancestral pain

Practice womb clearing

Connect to and understand your feminine archetypes and learn how to embody all aspects of the feminine

Work with ritual, spells & the magic of the moon

Practice ancient feminine practices from the Feminine Mystery Schools

Understand how your birth, conception & gestation has influenced your life

Connect to your womb voice

Re-remember your power as a womb-an. 

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My intention is to hold a loving and safe space for you to connect to the sweetness and power that lies within your heart and womb space. To guide you back to your inner knowing, the true Divine Feminine and to lead with love.

This isn't about shaming or blaming the masculine or patriarchy for our disconnection to our innate feminine essence.  This is about stepping into a new way of living; in line with our Truth, our bodies and our feminine way of be-ing.

It's about learning how to lean into love, into trust, into compassion, in all areas of life.

It's a safe, sacred space to help you lean more into your inner wisdom, your intuitive nature, your wise woman within; and learn how to trust to be guided from this place as opposed to our conditioned way of living (from the masculine thinking mind).


This is a fully embodied experience, working and understanding how we can align our energies and build towards inner harmony and sacred union.

This is a sweetness, intuitive, gentle and loving approach to remembering who you are at your core; a divine being, experiencing life through this body.

programme outline

Sessions are both in person and online.
All sessions are LIVE. Recordings are made available.


Month 1: Safety

X 1 opening circle with meditation 

x1 bi-weekly connection & embodiment session
x1 1:1 session

Month 2: Deepen

x1 bi-weekly connection & embodiment session

x1 1 hour group distant Reiki healing
x1 1:1 session


Month 3: Trust

x1 bi-weekly connection & embodiment session

x1 1 hour group distant Reiki healing
x1 1:1 session

Month 4: Embody

x1 bi-weekly connection & embodiment session

x1 1:1 session

x1 closing circle and meditation

in addition

Worksheets and templates

A sacred sister online community

Open discussion & Q&A

Embodiment dance, womb yoga and meditation recordings

Embodiment & integration practices

Recordings of all online sessions for access


you will also receive

  • lifetime access to the empowered woman interview series 

How to break-through patriarchal expectations to unleash your Divine Feminine to create a free, confident and connected life. (9 interviews with empowered women across the globe featuring Jane Hardwicke Collings, Claire Stone, Rachael Te Wano, Felicity Weston & more)

  • a welcome pack with magical gifts 

to assist your journey

it's time for us to reconnect back to our wombs

For so long, we have been disconnected from our bodies; taught to control from the mind; living in the masculine and not encouraged to connect to our inner wisdom.

Our bodies are always talking to us, but we've created so much 'noise' around us that we cannot hear her,  and if we do, we refuse to trust her, looking externally for the answers. When we're too heavily rooted in the masculine, that's when we begin to feel imbalanced in our feminine nature and our cyclical way of being.

the power, wisdom and healing lie within you

You know all the answers if you choose to connect and listen.

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when we connect to our feminine flow we can

Increase our productivity, effectiveness & efficiency

Have no more burn out

Have a greater sense of compassion

Stablize our mood

Increase our energy

Regulate & improve our cycle

Build a deeper level of self-trust

Build deeper connections & relationships

Heal our deepest wounds

This is a full embodied experience; 

A 4 month experience, with a collective group of Women ready to connect to their Feminine power, essence and grace alongside you. Guided by the moon, womb and intuition.

The intimate sisterhood will be with and behind you, every step over the way, supporting you, celebrating you and loving you.

It's a proven fact that when we surround ourselves with a community of like minded individuals, we are more likely to succeed, grow and find happiness.

Come all in. Ready to experience. Ready to open your heart and womb.

I'm here to support you.

*limited spaces available to keep intimate*


"The womb is not a place to store fear and pain but to create & give birth to life"

The 13th rite of the Munay-Ki


  The womb is your gateway to your feminine power  

As we heal our womb - we bring healing to Mother Earth and our lineage;

our mothers, daughters and sisters


The Wisdom Keeper changed my life.  Reconnecting to my womb space in a circle of women was so beautiful. I felt safe, heard and seen and gained so much from these sessions. Mariee provided a space for us to claim our raw, authentic selves and to witness this in both myself and the other women in the container was so special.


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4 x $555

* All investments are in AUD. Link will direct you to a secure Square payment page.

If you would like an extended payment plan, please email me to arrange.

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