Wisdom Keeper

activate, awaken & embody

the divine feminine within



The Wisdom Keeper is a 4 month sacred sisterhood journey initiating you to connect to the Divine Feminine that lie within, through connection to your womb and the moon. This is a soft, sweet, sacred container that helps you to remember all that you are, Divine.

The programme helps you to create an intimate and embodied relationship with the feminine to unlock a deeper level and understanding of leadership - leading from within, with the body, in tune with all that is.

This is a sacred space that embodies the art and magic of being a woman.

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  • You have felt shame around your body and/or periods

  • You have mother wounds (you have experienced difficulty at some point in your life with your relationship with your mother)

  • You find yourself judging or comparing yourself to others

  • You have trouble receiving (you give easily but when it comes to receiving,
    that can be hard!)

  • You're afraid to use your voice and speak up

  • You struggle to let go of past relationships

  • You struggle to let go of control - you live off lists, structure and like to know what is happening at all times


  • You feel disconnected from your intuition

  • You struggle to set and withhold boundaries

  • You are disconnected to your sexual nature and intimacy

  • You find it hard to get out of your head (constantly thinking, over analysing)

  • You are ready to step out of the hustle mentality

  • You suffer from menstrual pain & view your menstrual cycle as inconvenient

  • You are ready to lean into love, into trust and into 'being '



Learn how to set up sacred space and ritual

Activate your Divine Feminine Light Codes

Connect to the Feminine through the gateway of your heart and womb 

 Learn about the magic and mystery of the yoni  

Build your connection to the earth mother (Gaia)

Learn about the history of the feminine connection to womb, periods and yoni

Learn all about cycle awareness - how to cycle sync, work with your cycle and support your seasons

Activate your sacral & root chakra 

Heal womb trauma and ancestral womb clearing

Connect to your Maiden, Mother, Witch, Wild Woman, Crone, Lover & Queen archetypes and know how to embody all aspects of the feminine

Work with ritual, spells & the magic of the moon

Understand moon cycles & how this can affect our energy and cyclic way of life

Come back to the Universal Laws and learn how to live & breath them

Come back to LOVE


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My intention for you is connect to the sweetness within and embody all that it is to feel safe in your body as a Divine Feminine woman. To lead the way with love.

This isn't about discounting, shaming or blaming the masculine or patriarchy.  This is about stepping into a new way of living; away from the hustle mentality; the always working; always striving to achieve. 

It's about leaning more into love, into trust, into being. This programme is a predominantly femme experience - leading with the body, not the head; connecting to the Divine Feminine through the gateway of your womb; BUTl we will also work with the masculine energy (we have to - it is part of us!).


It's a safe, sacred space to help you lean more into your inner wisdom, your intuitive nature, your wise woman within.


This is a fully embodied experience, working and understanding how the two energies (masculine and feminine) interplay and align in harmony with one another.


This is not a hardcore masculine container, driving for answers, striving for goals kind of coaching programme.

This is a sweetness, intuitive, soft approach to remembering who you are at your core; a divine being, experiencing life through this body.



Worksheets and templates

A sacred sister Facebook community with meditation, daily lives & shares

Open discussion & Q&A

Embodiment dance, womb yoga, sister circles

Embodiment & integration tasks

Recordings of all sessions for access


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X 1 weekly group video call with short meditation 

x1 bi-weekly connection & embodiment session

x1 1 hour group distant Reiki healing

Month 2: AWAKEN

x1 bi-weekly embodiment session

x1 bi-weekly integration session

x1 1 hour group distant Reiki healing

Month 3: EMBODY

x1 bi-weekly embodiment session

x1 bi-weekly integration session

x1 1 hour group distant Reiki healing

Month 4: EMBODY

x1 bi-weekly embodiment session

x1 bi-weekly integration session

x1 1 hour group distant Reiki healing


How to break-through patriarchal expectations to unleash your Divine Feminine to create a free, confident and connected life.

(9 interviews with empowered women across the globe featuring Harriette Jackson, Racheal Te Wano, Felicity Weston & more)


to assist your journey



With Feminine Embodiment Coach, Jessica Jordan




With Naturopath & Witch, Samantha Barker

Upgrade to VIP

Ready for the 1:1 treatment? Limited spots available.

You feel in your heart you're so ready but you want to go that bit deeper and experience the one-to-one intuitive sessions. One-to-one sessions are channelled specifically for you; whatever your soul needs. In addition to the group journey, you will receive:

  • x2 1:1 sessions per month

  • x1 1:1 Reiki healing per month

  • 1:1 Voxer support



For so long, we have been disconnected from our bodies; taught to control from the mind; living in the masculine and not encouraged to connect to our inner wisdom.

Our bodies are always talking to us, but we've created so much 'noise' around us that we cannot hear her,  and if we do, we refuse to trust her, looking externally for the answers. When we're too heavily rooted in the masculine, that's when we begin to feel imbalanced in our feminine nature and our cyclical way of being.


You know all the answers if you choose to connect and listen.

We have shamed our periods, looked upon our blood as dirty and hidden the very fact that our bodies physically shed every month. 

If you experience, PMS symptoms, irregular or excruciating periods, low moods,  anxiety, fatigue, lack of confidence, fuzzy thinking, low libido, hormonal imbalance or emotional/disordered eating; it might be time for you to get in tune and start to track your cycle so you can work with your body, not against it.


When we connect to our Feminine Flow we can:

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Increase our productivity, effectiveness & efficiency

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Stablize our mood

y (4).png

Build a deeper level of self-trust

y (4).png

Have no more burn out

y (4).png

Increase our energy

y (4).png

Build deeper connections & relationships

y (4).png

Have a greater sense of compassion

y (4).png

Regulate & improve our cycle

y (4).png

Make more money

This is a full embodied experience; 

A 4 month experience, with a collective group of Women ready to connect to their Feminine power, essence and grace alongside you. Guided by the moon, womb and intuition.

The intimate sisterhood will be with and behind you, every step over the way, supporting you, celebrating you and loving you.

It's a proven fact that when we surround ourselves with a community of like minded individuals, we are more likely to succeed, grow and find happiness.


I'm here to support you.


"The womb is not a place to store fear and pain but to create & give birth to life"

The 13th rite of the Munay-Ki


  The womb is your gateway to your feminine power  

As we heal our womb - we bring healing to Mother Earth and our lineage;

our mothers, daughters and sisters


Fearless Four Pod is AMAZING!!! In just a few weeks my perspective has shifted in such a positive way. Enhancing awareness of myself and behaviours. I feel the fire in my belly has ignited! No judgement, our soul fam! We are all in this together, learning so much yet still going at our own pace. I would highly recommend to my close friends and anyone who wants to let their light shine a little brighter!



Our Journey Begins Together
Under the Solstice

21st June 2021

Pay in Full

Payment Plan
4 x $997

* All investments are in AUD. Link will direct you to a secure Square payment page.

VIP Option

Pay in Full

Payment Plan
4 x $1777

* All investments are in AUD. Link will direct you to a secure Square payment page. VIP spots are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Frequently asked questions

When does Wisdom Keeper start?

The programme is intentionally closely aligned with the moon cycle. We start 10th June 2020 under the New Moon in Gemini (lunar eclipse). A perfect time to begin anew as a lunar eclipses are deeply transformational times and Gemini is all about slowing down and shifting from your mental state (mind) into your body.

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

As this is an intimate, sacred continer, the main sessions are live, held on Zoom. However every session will be recorded if for any reason you are unable to make it live. The programme will also include some pre-recorded content such as embodiment techniques/movements/meditations available for you to access in the designated dashboard and/or dedicated Facebook community.

I'm in a different time zone to you, will I be able to join?

A lot of my work is hosted online so I am very accustomed to holding programmes that include women from around the globe in various timezones. I will await final numbers and locations before setting a time and day that works best for everyone in the sacred container.

Are payment plans available?

There is the option to pay in full which is $3700, or you could opt for a payment plan which will equal to the sum of $3988, but will be split over the course of 4 monthly payments of $997. When you opt for the payment plan, you are legally obligated to pay the full sum of the amount within the time agreed. If your heart and body feels wholey aligned to this programme but you are concerned about the cost; I would love to speak to you - please contact me for extended payment plan options.

What time are the live sessions?

Depending on the women in the programme and what timezone they are in will determine the LIVE calls. I will where possible set a time that works for the majority. All calls and sessions will be recorded for access.

Do you issue refunds?

There are no refunds given once you join the programme. Once you have joined you have financially and energetically committed. This is an investment in yourself and you will have the content forever.

Do I need to have Facebook to join?

No, you do not need to have Facebook as we have a dedicated dashboard where the Zoom recordings will be hosted; and group conversation and support on Voxer. However, additional content and connection is available through the Facebook platform and you could always set a temporary profile for the course duration and to connect to your sisters inside the sacred space.

I don't have a womb -  can I still do this programme?

Absolutely - even when we don't have a womb; the energy is still there and therefore this work is still effective and powerful.

I think this is for me, but have a few questions

I would love to jump on a call with you and see what is coming up for you. Please reach out on email, via Instagram/Facebook or by clicking here