Are you noticing patterns of procrastination and feelings of self doubt?

Are you finding yourself blaming others' for your current situation?

Perhaps you recognise your current job, or life is not actually honouring your souls desire (inner knowing).

Do you seek freedom, flexibility and more joy?

Do you really want to continue playing the 'good girl' and fulfilling others’ expectations of you?

Or are you ready to claim your power?

I see you, working those long hours, feeling busy and stressed, and so stuck in the ‘doing’; in the ‘busyness of life’. I see you, as you struggle to allow yourself time to stop and rest, and not DO anything!

You've always known there is more.


You know, deep down in your heart that you are destined for more. That your life is meant to be abundant, in all areas. You know you are meant for bigger things. Yet your head is telling you to stay in the safety of your current job or current situation. That you are not quite ready. Your mind fills you with excuses, with delays, with the 'I'll be ready when *insert excuse*.

Your head (ego) is what is keeping you small, keeping you safe. You have played the victim for far too long.

But, you know, in your heart. You ARE ready.

Your soul is SO ready for change and is crying out to you to listen. To take action! To re-build the life you've always wanted.

It's time to find your power.

To lean into the discomfort.

To create the change you know you are destined for and build the foundations for the rest of your life.

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Course Content:

  • Get clear about your future self and the life you ACTUALLY desire

  • Recognise the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding you back

  • How to quiet the mind and be comfortable in stillness

  • Stop with the procrastination and take ACTION!

  • Set and work with clear intentions

  • Work through your feelings of self-doubt and learn how to choose again!

  • Stop those self-sabotaging behaviours that are keeping you small

  • Learn new self-care techniques
    (identify and establish your own self-care daily rituals)

  • Create healthy boundaries 
    (Understand what your boundaries are, how and when they are crossed & how to create healthy boundaries)

  • Understand your menstrual cycle & how to work with it to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Learn how to protect and cleanse your energetic field

  • Practice grounding and learn how to meditate

  • Learn about masculine and feminine energies and how to tap more into your feminine energy (we have got so lost in the masculine way of doing, it’s time to come back to our core feminine energy, as women)

  • Introduction to your human design (personal DNA)

  • Tap into the moon energy and bring in abundance!

In 8 weeks, you will receive:

  • X 1 weekly group video call with short meditation

  • X8 30 min distant Reiki healing (1 per week)


    Intention setting guide

  • Gratitude Guide

  • Group Voxer support

  • Weekly Yoga Class

  • Weekly topic, open discussion & Q&A

  • Weekly journal prompts & homework tasks


Fearless Four Pod is AMAZING!!! In just a few weeks my perspective has shifted in such a positive way. Enhancing awareness of myself and behaviours. I feel the fire in my belly has ignited! No judgement, our soul fam! We are all in this together, learning so much yet still going at our own pace. I would highly recommend to my close friends and anyone who wants to let their light shine a little brighter!


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