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Balance your energies, relieve stress and anxieties and gain clarity

I chose to learn and attune to the Reiki energy because intuitively I knew there was an energetic power greater than my understanding.


Reiki is a Japanese word; "Rei" meaning Cosmic, Universal flowing energy and "Ki" which is Life Force energy. The cosmic Universal flowing energy has infinite abundance and wisdom; while the Life Forece energy is what allows us to be, live and move. As long as something is alive, it has life force circulating through and around it.

Reiki is a healing energy that flows through the practitioner to the client via a hands on / off technique. It helps to restore and balance the client's energy levels and has a positive influence on spiritual growth.  It reduces deep rooted issues and often releases pain and acute symptoms very quickly.


After a treatment, most people feel much more relaxed and calm, but every person has a different experience.

Some may feel clear-minded, positive and energetic; others balanced, peaceful and an inner feeling of unconditional love.

I have found that Reiki is a beautifully calming healing modality which returns you back to your centre (heart space), enhances intuition, spiritual growth and personal awareness, helping to bring your mind, body and soul into balance and reconnect you back to your Self.

Experience a Reiki treatment, or study how to apply Reiki yourself for personal use and to help others.

You can learn Reiki in person with me in Spearwood, Perth, Australia or online in my workshops.

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There are many benefits to Reiki and it can be used to help treat many conditions and emotional states. It also helps to promote a positive mind, however you do not have to be ill to receive the benefits!  Some may like Reiki when they are experiencing stress in their lives or are going through a transitional period. Others may like Reiki to help with their spiritual development, while others turn to Reiki to maintain health and harmony in their lives. Reiki will heal and cleanse wherever it is needed, regardless of where the practitioner places their hands.

Reiki can help you to cope better with a wide range of  health conditions, including stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and infertility and will work in conjunction with any other treatment to relieve side effects and promote recovery from illness, accidents and surgery.

It engages self-healing capacities in many conditions like chronic fatigue and allergies as well as psychological problems like phobias, depression, anxiety, coping disorders and addiction.


During a Reiki treatment, the client lies on a padded massage bed in a warm, comfortable room.  This can even be in the comfort of your own home.  I usually cleanse the space and play some soft meditative music to help you to relax.

I explain the process to you and begin the treatment by placing my hands lightly and intuitively on/around your body, sometimes, not even touching you.  This gentle touch is maintained as long as I feel is intuitively right at each place.  Usually you will feel a heat sensation or a temperature change at that place; some see colours or visions or feel waves of sensation through their body.  The body will only absorb the energy it is required at any one treatment. Often I receive messages (clairvoyant) which will be shared with you after the treatment, with your consent.

A treatment usually lasts between 60-90 minutes which includes a 60 minute treatment plus time before and after to set up and discuss experiences.



It is always dependent upon the individual and what their intentions are, however, it is recommended to have at least 3 treatments in between 10-14 days when you first experience Reiki, to build up the energy levels. 

After this you can arrange to have a Reiki treatment as often as you like; some like weekly treatments, others monthly, to retain a sense of balance; or when you just feel the need for one. 



Distance Reiki is Reiki performed from a distance.  Many people don't realise that Reiki energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world.  Every thing in life is energy and energy can be sent with intention. It works similarly to a hands on treatment, as Reiki taps into the Universal Life Force energy, which is available to you no matter where you are and energy is not confined - it can transcend time and space.  The sender and receiver connect using the Reiki energy.

I will arrange a time with you when you will not be disturbed - it's best if you find a quiet place to lie down and I will perform the treatment on you as if I were in the room.  Often, people can feel the areas being worked on - they can feel warmth or cool, tingling in body parts of feel energy waves through the body. 

You may want distance healing if you:

  • are in a different country or don’t live nearby,

  • are close but without transport,

  • are housebound through illness etc,

  • are working long and unsocial hours,

  • are looking for support while you are under going surgery / treatment,

  • are looking for support around something that has unexpectedly happened

  • feel that you need healing and cannot wait for my next free appointment



Reiki is being recognised throughout the scientific community as a tangible and measurable therapy when we consider the Universe from a quantum perspective.  All matter is energy and everything is made up of energy. Science tells us there are frequencies infinitely beyond our sphere of perception and our physical bodies are no exception; vibrating at a certain frequency.  We have our own biomagnetic field which, like all energy can be manipulated and channelled.

Reiki is becoming more recognised in the medical industry, and used concurrently with mainstream treatments.


For more information, I recommend reading this article from Elephant Journal: How Reiki Works

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