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Why I Hired A Coach

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Do you ever feel stuck? Like you know what you should be doing but feel in procrastination station? Or are used to a certain way of working and ready for a fresh perspective? Or feeling like you have gone as far as you can on your own and need an accountability partner? Or even that you have your goals, values, visions, purpose and life plan but struggling with the next steps?

Or maybe you are like me and have felt all of the above. Which is exactly where I was before I hired my amazing coach, Ginger Reinelt.

I can't even tell you how Ginger popped up in my social channels; but somehow, I was drawn to her and she was right there, in front of me, her soul talking to mine. I was drawn to her aura, her magnetic field; her energy.

I sat back for a while, observing from a distance as she popped up on my Facebook feed. For a time, I'd tap in and out of her content; yet always knowing that I had a pull to her; that what she spoke about resonated with me.

And then, I realised I needed more. I had my foundations in place; I had an idea of the woman I wished to be and what that life looked like. I got the inner call, that it was time to rise up, to level up. The feeling of knowing I have more to give, knowing that I can lead myself and others to live the life they want. The life we all deserve.

I felt like I needed a mentor to keep me accountable, keep me inspired and motivated. I found that working for myself I would easily procrastinate. And you've heard the familiar, "I was busy, but not productive" and something, somehow didn't seem to be aligning for me.

Yes, I had the freedom of working for myself, yes I had beautiful branding clients, but I knew there was more. I knew there was a piece of the puzzle that just wasn't quite fitting into place.

At that time, Ginger was offering free clarity calls. So, with intrigue and a slight nervousness, I booked one.

Within half an hour of being on the call, I had signed up for her 4 month mentorship - I told you she had a strong magnetic field! But beyond that, her soul talked to my soul. My soul had already made the contract with hers; all I had to do was trust and step right in.

Hell, I didn't have the money. And I was upfront. I told Ginger I didn't have the money, yet she took me under her wing - with a payment plan that suited us both.

I've worked with Ginger for 11 weeks now, and to be honest, it's not been an easy ride. She's been brutally honest with me. She's made me delete content from my social channels. When I launched something I was super excited about, the next day she told me to take it down. That hurt my ego. There were definitely some tears that day.

But I trusted her. I surrendered to the process. I listened. I did the work she was asking of me and I committed (and continue to) commit to myself, with her guidance and support.

Since working with Ginger, I am working so much more aligned with my higher self/soul/spirit whatever you wish to name it. I have clear boundaries when it comes to not only myself, but my work and the clients I take on. I have a clearer understanding of the quantum field, of vibrations and frequencies; of my human design; of calibrating energy, of tapping into my future self. I have begun a new practice of Kundalini Yoga. I have received clear 'downloads', I have uncovered past lives, limiting beliefs and witnessed my shadows (darker aspects of ourself).

But my best achievement so far I would say, is that since working with Ginger, I have started coaching my own clients, which is something that has been in my vision for quite some time; yet I'd not had the internal confidence to step up and step in. With Ginger's support, somehow, almost by magic, this happened, without me even officially launching this aspect of my business.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

If you feel called to step up your game, follow your true path and find your purpose, I would love for you to reach out. Let's see how we can make some magic and help you to live the life you love and deserve.

And if your soul is calling out for the wonderful Ginger, follow her here and get connected!

Much love xx

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