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What Self Care Is Really About

So you've started 2020 with the new resolutions, intentions and goals. Perhaps you've written your letter to the Universe; started back at the gym or cut out alcohol for the month. But I ask you, are you really committing to self-care? Daily? Are you committed to dedicating time to yourself and disciplined enough to stick to putting you first, not only for January, but for the remainder of the year?

I recognised I started 2019 fully enveloped in Self-love. I was dedicating at least 2 hours to myself daily and I really felt it. I felt full. Full of love, a magnetic essence about me; attracting all the positive events, circumstances and people to me. I was emanating love and it was addictive.

But as the year went on, life often likes to get in the way, and over time that 2 hours became less and less. And towards the end of the year, especially over the Christmas period, I'd completely exhausted myself. I'd given so much of myself and felt so low in energy. Although I was still practicing meditation, I recognised that I was leaving it until the end of the day, when I was tired, essentially still putting myself last.

So what am I doing to change that this year? After all, 2020 is the year of change.

I've done a few things. Firstly I've committed to putting me first again. Before I start my day I'm spending time on me, be it a morning ocean dip, a meditation or yoga practice or sitting out in the garden journaling. I have created a 'Self-care check in' where I list all the practices that help me tune into my soul, help me feel in alignment (you know, that feeling where everything flows with ease). If you'd like your own self-care check in, I've created a template you can download here. List all the daily rituals that help you - for example I have; setting a daily intention, meditation, stretch/movement, card reading, gratitude, journaling etc. It's a good way to check-in to ensure you put yourself first. You may not need to do them all, just do what feels right for you that day.

And although the daily self-care check in is a great tool, surely there is more to self-care than an hour or so in the morning, that makes you feel good, for that hour. What happens when you step out of that and into the daily work grind?

What does self-care look like to you? TRUE self care?

Perhaps it's about doing things that make you feel good. Like getting a pedicure, treating yourself to a nice meal or a deluxe facial. YES! I agree; this is all a form of self-care, and I love my pedicures and facials :-).

But again, if we dig a little deeper, there is even MORE involved in true self care. It's looking at all the things that bring your vibe down, make you feel out of alignment, or drained of energy:

- It's about identifying your VALUES, and aligning your life with those.

- It's about digging deep into your limiting beliefs. Understanding what is stopping you from living the life you love and RE-PROGRAMMING your subconscious mind, essentially unlearning what we have learnt (from our upbringing, parents, teachers, the media, society, government etc).

- It's about saying NO to anything that does not feel right. Trusting that intuitive feeling, that inner knowing, and not feeling guilty for saying no.

- It's about setting clear, healthy BOUNDARIES, with yourself and people around you. Recognising what you are willing, and not willing to accept. This is a way of protecting your energy.

- It's about SELF- TALK. It's being kind with our thoughts; removing the 'should do's and need to do's' from our vocabulary and replacing these with words of love.

- It's about SOLITUDE. Being comfortable being alone.

- It's about connecting to NATURE; going on those walks, swims or runs, away from your phones and wifi.

- It's about what your CONSUMPTION; foods, media, advertising - is it positive or is it negative? Is it lifting your vibe or lowering it?

- It's about your TRIBE. Are you surrounded by a high vibe tribe? Or do they bring you down, make you feel guilty, stuck or stagnant?

If you're ready to raise your vibes, to step into your TRUTH and live the life you are so deserving of, I urge you to STEP UP and STEP IN. It's your time to rise. It's your time to SHINE. Contact me for a FREE clarity call as to how we can work together to help you ignite your FIRE and find your power.

Much love and light, always,

Mariee xx

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