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The Power of Mother Nature

Sitting in nature allowing myself to be present.

Letting go of the thoughts

Letting go of the distractions of the mind.

And allowing myself to stay right here, in this moment.

And as I stay right here, present in this very moment

I notice the little flies hovering around the water dancing like fairies, with flow,

with life.

I notice the intricate spiders webs in the trees,

held so perfectly

I hear the frogs croaking

The birds tweeting

The bees buzzing as they fly from flower to flower.

The sun shining above me


Caressing my skin.

The reflection of the sun in the water shining into my eyes

reminding me the light is always within.

As above so below. 

Reflecting back to me what is my truth.

Reflecting back to me the light within.

Connecting to nature. 




Feeling blessed. Feeling loved

Feeling abundantly supported in every moment.

I am blessed. I am loved.

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