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The importance of Sister Circles

If you've never attended a sister circle; you're in for a treat! A sister circle is a beautiful sacred gathering of women connecting with one another in a safe and non- judgemental space. You can share what is on your heart and receive support from the collective feminine container.


Women have been gathering in circle for centuries, with the intention to offer support, strength and wisdom with one another and the divine feminine energy.


Gathering with sisters in circle creates connection, empowerment and transformation. The circles allow us to deepen our connection with ourselves, our bodies and our feminine intuition, share our wisdom, stories, experience and support with one another, connect back to the flow of life, the cycles of nature and Gaia (Mother Earth) herself.


We all struggle with similar challenges, played out in life by different ways. Gathering together in circle reminds us we are never alone; we are all one, with the same longing for peace, connection, love, happiness and freedom.

When you are 'seen' and held for who you are, sharing your truth through life's challenges, deep transformation and healing can occur.


A sister circle is a perfect time to gather our intentions, show up for ourselves and support one another through life.

I offer circles in person and online and would love to see you at one soon!


Much love,

Mariee x

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