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Struggling with your website copy?

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Website copy help

When you are starting out in business and your website designer asks you for copy, do you know where to begin?

When I told my partner to write some 'copy', he replied "What are you talking about? What's copy!?"

I replied, "copy, you know, writing!". He said he'd never heard of it and didn't understand what I meant. I didn't realise I was using marketing jargon, so explained that copy is merely content, writing; sentences; words, for use across your website or marketing material.

So you are starting your new business; have your branding in place and a website designer at the ready. Sometimes, if you're lucky, the designer may produce the copy for you, or work with a copywriter who can help get you on your way. But even with a copywriter, they need to understand you, what you do, what you stand for and you tone of voice (how you speak). For example, you're a dance teacher and your target audience is young adults aged between 11-18 years. The last thing you want is a corporate tone with industry jargon. You want a down to earth, friendly and approachable tone that makes your target audience want to come and dance with you.

If you haven't got your copy/content created, I've listed some questions to help you on your way. Try and answer thoroughly and with considered thought. Complete the questions here

Much love xx

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