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Planting Seeds For The New Lunar Cycle

You may have felt throughout January that the energies of 2021 were still holding on and you perhaps didn't feel that 'freshness' of a new year. Well, in my world, today 'officially' marks the start of a year as we begin a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Aquarius.

The new lunar cycle is celebrated as the Chinese New Year as the wheel of the Zodiac turns and we head into the year of a new astrological sign, with this year being the year of the Water Tiger.

To celebrate the new lunar cycle, gather items of significance to you and create a sacred alter space. You may like to include the four elements, earth, air, water and fire and honour the directions; the elements and directions our constant. You may like to gather leaves, flowers, feathers or crystals to create your sacred space.

If there's anything you wish to call in this year, bring that to your alter too - it could be an image of something you wish to create or simply write it down on a piece of paper.

It might be nice for you to take a cleansing bath or shower before this ritual.

Place 1/3 cup of salts and a couple of drops of peppermint oil into your bath

Light a white candle

Dress in something clean and comfortable and if possible, white after cleansing

What you will need:

  • a sacred alter space

  • cushion

  • pen and paper

  • white and green candle

  • rosemary

  • rose petals

  • tumeric

  • parsley

  • pestle and mortar

1. Prepare your blend - add a pinch of rosemary, rose petals, tumeric and parsley to your pestle and mortar and ground together.

2, Once you have created your sacred space, take a moment to ground your energy - take 3 clearing breaths and visualise beautiful roots growing down from your womb space into the earth, connecting to our Mother. Allow her energy to flow upwards through your roots - you may like to visualise this as red swirling light, and allow your body to be filled by this, bathing in this energy for as long as you feel.

2. Allow the light from the Cosmic womb (Universe/God) enter your body from the crown of your head. You may like to visualise this as a pillar of white light flowing downwards from the Universe into your body. Allow yourself to bathe in this energy and feel the magnetic power of both energies intertwining in your body in sacred union.

3. Light your green and white candles thanking the light of the fire to hold you in ritual.

4. Sprinkle your herb blend around the candles; or you burn this blend on a charcoal disk.

5. Sit and breath deeply into your womb space, holding your hands in the womb mudra, breathing deeply into the velvety darkness within.

6. As you breathe into your womb space, invite her to make any noise through your throat chakra. Don't be afraid of being loud. Allow any sounds to be vocalised without judgement - this is a form of release and letting go of what is not needed in our next cycle. This also creates space within to call in new.

7. Visualise your womb space as a beautiful garden - you prepare this garden, clearing away old debris, making sure the soil is fertile and well watered.

8. Set your new intentions for the new lunar cycle - what you wish to achieve over the next 13 moons. Allow this to come from your womb - your feminine space as opposed to your masculine thinking mind. Ask your womb what intentions she'd like. Feel these intentions in your body, mediate on the feelings of having already received. You may also like to write these down and place them on your alter.

9. Visualise these intentions, as seeds and plant them in the garden of your womb.

10. Give thanks to your womb space - see your womb space filled with light and love. Bathe in this space of gratitude as long as you feel before blowing out your candles.

Notice how expansive and loving you feel over the next few days and weeks. On the next full moon, check in with your intentions and ensure you are continuing to nurture the seeds of intention. As you continue to nurture with love, they will come into fruition. I would LOVE to know how you go! Please share with me on Instagram or Facebook your experience!

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