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My Top 5 Crystal Pick

I always carry crystals - whether I wear them as jewellery or simply place them in my pocket, desk or car. Crystals hold energies which you can tap into at any time you need.

If you’re buying a crystal for the first time, I’d recommend you cleanse it first in the ocean. If the ocean is not available to you, then luke warm salt water will work just as well.

You can also charge your crystals under the full moon - so keep an eye on the lunar calendar!

Here’s My Top 5 Crystals to help you connect to your inner self.


A staple go-to stone and a beautiful first healing crystal. Amethyst helps our minds to rest and helps to balance out emotional highs and lows. It’s also a great crystal to help get a good night's sleep. Just place it under your pillow.

Clear Quartz:

Another great introductory stone, great for meditation as it helps us to rise to a heightened state, connecting self and spirit. It helps to bring a clearer view, to see ourselves and reconnect with a greater sense of self.

Black Tourmaline:

A crystal of protection, Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It also clears your mind of negative thoughts and encourages a positive attitude to life.

Rose Quartz:

A peaceful crystal known as the ‘stone of Unconditional Love’. It gently teaches you how to love and live in the present moment. Great for bringing mindfulness to relationships - to yourself and others.


A great balancing stone, balancing the Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine energies. A peaceful stone with a calming and protective energy, it can be used when looking to maintain balance and health in all your relationships.

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