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My New & Inspired Way Of Working

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Many of you know, I used to work in the corporate environment, for many years. From working in office equipment supplies, to a branding agency, to FMCG dairy companies, to a shoe retailer and everything in between. They all had one thing in common. A very masculine way of working. It was meetings, it was strategies, structures, deadlines, timelines, goals, data driven; competitive. And this way of working does work; hell how many successful businesses work this way?!

But it doesn't work for me. I worked this way for over 12 years. Until I became stressed, run down and my mental health began to suffer. The amount of pressure I felt under for always having to deliver, but more feeling the need to have to prove myself to my boss. It was a very unhealthy working environment, very much 'man eat man'; elbow yourself to the top, it doesn't matter who you sting on your way. It didn't align with me, and my soul was trying to tell me with bodily pain - I suffered with migraine, headaches and vertigo. I had MRI scans and took medication to suppress the pain. It wasn't until I spoke to my dad (who was recovering from a cancer removal op) that it clicked. His words were 'it's not worth it, it's not worth your health'.

I knew there must be more to life than this. Life should not be so hard. What is the point of it all? Why am I working my way into exhaustion? Surrounded by people who don't give two craps about me, and all I have to offer?

So I quit. Handed the notice. It was a shock to all within the company, but I left with my head held high, knowing I was worthy of more; my health at the very least.

The Universe pushed me into what I was craving; freedom.

I set up my own business 'Cape and Crown Creative', which immediately picked up clients and grew, the masculine way. It was money driven. I was comparing myself to others and thinking I was not good enough. It started to attract clients who didn't pay, who didn't respect me (I had a guy shout and swear at me down the phone essentially calling me a C***). The good news is by this point, I'd worked on myself; I'd committed to the inner work and therefore I didn't allow his energy to affect me. I knew it was his own shit he was dealing with and he was projecting on to me. (I had completed his website FYI - he was typing the wrong domain!)

I recognised how Cape and Crown Creative was set up without intention; with different energies that no longer served me. It was egoic - even the name suggests to pretend to be someone you are not.

So after a year of running the business, I rebranded to Living With Love.

The rebrand was a direct download; from the Universe/Source/God/Buddha/the Quantum Field / whatever you want to call it. The name, the colours, the font; it was there, planted into my subconscious during a meditation.

When I say 'download' I mean it was guided by Spirit who told me the name and what it looked like. All I had to do was trust and re-create it, in this reality. And I did; and this is the brand you see today.

As this new brand Living With Love suggests; my purpose is to help you, too create a life you love.

My new way of working is the feminine way. It's trusting, it's allowing. It's calling in my soul clients; those who know there is more; that perhaps have lost their identity or are feeling stuck. That are wanting to take the first step into creating the change they crave and deserve.

And it works. My latest client was drawn to me by my energy; I was helping to lift her vibrations simply through conversation and sharing my knowledge, as I was too working on her brand.

And out of the 5 concepts presented to her; of course she chose the brand that was divinely guided, as it was created with intention and with the light energy.

The amazing thing is, we are continuing to work together; it's like her and my higher self have an agreement and we're fulfilling it down here. I'm coaching her, helping to lift her vibrations and frequency and working through recognising and releasing her limiting beliefs and fears so she can attract her own soul clients and succeed in her business; sharing her gifts with the world.

And that's when it clicked and started to make sense! I started to see how the Universe is guiding me.

I don't just 'create branding' anymore.


I create change.

My job is to help raise the consciousness of the planet; and creating brands that don't vibrate at a high frequency will not help with our collective mission.

I create brands with intention.

You are energy. I am energy. Brands are energy. If we are not vibrating at a high frequency before working on your brand, your brand will not vibrate at a high frequency and attract YOUR soul clients (those that are like-minded, respect you, your time and you energy, who pay on time and who you learn from!).

If you are simply wanting a 'brand'. I'm afraid I can't help you anymore.

If you are wanting to change. To create a life you LOVE and DESERVE, let's chat.

Much love,

Mariee x

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