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Lion's Gate Ritual

Take the opportunity to work with the powerful energies that are at play today. Spend some time connecting to your inner guidance to manifest with the power of this portal. This particular ritual is for the. new moon in Leo.

You might like to play this playlist I created for the circle for this ritual, you can find it on Spotify

It might be nice for you to take a cleansing bath or shower before this ritual.

Place 1/3 cup of salts into your bath

Light a white or yellow candle

Dress in something clean and comfortable and if possible, white after cleansing

  1. If you haven't already, light a white or yellow candle and cleanse your space (you can use incense, a cinnamon stick, olive tree leaves, sage leaves or anything that feels good for you that helps representing cleansing your space).

  2. Find a comfortable seated position with your spine lengthened and close the eyes, allowing yourself to relax.

  3. Take 3 deep clearing breaths. (In through the nose and out through the mouth - don't be afraid to make sound as you exhale).

  4. When you feel grounded, come back to your regular breath and allow yourself to witness the breath - how it feels as it enters the nostrils, flows down the throat, into the lungs, between each rib, the whole rib cage, and down in to your womb space. Bring awareness to where else you can feel the breath flowing within the body - notice any subtle sensations or feelings. Allow yourself to witness without changing or judging anything.

  5. Bring your awareness to your womb space. Connect to her velvety darkness - imagine her like the darkness of the night sky. Allow yourself to BE here, within the darkness of your womb.

  6. Imagine a sun in the centre of your womb, feel the warmth, the fire, the heat and see the sun glowing bright.

  7. Allow any old memories, visions or thoughts that are not loving towards you or your womb space to be thrown into the fire of the Sun and watch as they burn away.

  8. If any emotions arise, feel them, allow them to flow without judgement.

  9. When all memories and visions have been thrown in the the Sun, observe the womb space coming back to darkness.

  10. Now, on paper, write down all the new intentions you wish to make under the new moon. Focus on self-love and approval.

  11. Look at your intentions and see if you can make any into affirmations - eg 'I am powerful, loving and kind.' or 'I am kind to myself and others'; 'I bring light wherever I go'; 'I am joy'.

  12. Write down your affirmations (I'd have max 3) and allow yourself to feel them. Place them somewhere visible where you can be reminded of them daily until the next new moon - then you can either safely burn them or keep them.

  13. Give gratitude to yourself for committing this time for yourself and blow out the candle.

Notice how expansive and loving you feel over the next few days and weeks. Feel the joy of shining your light and love, for the whole world to see.

I would LOVE to know how you go! Please share with me on Instagram or Facebook your experience!

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