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Libra & Balancing The Art of Self Love

How did we get to Libra season and the end of September!? I visited the shops yesterday and the Christmas stock is hitting the shelves!! What a year and wow how it is flying by!

We headed into the astrological season of Libra Wednesday this week. For those of you who are intrigued by astrology, Libra is all about balance and so the energy of Libra invites us to address balance. Where in our lives are we living out of balance and where can we bring MORE balance in?

Consider the various aspect of your life; here's a few to help you:

Work / job



Relationships and Friendships


And on each aspect, as yourself "Is this costing me energy or bringing me energy?"

If an aspect is costing you energy, what action can you take to address that? Can you prioritise your time and tasks better if you are off balance in your work? Can you bring in healthier and clearer boundaries for yourself and/or others if your relationships are costing you energy? Can you commit time to yourself daily and love yourself more if your wellbeing is off balance? Can you declutter your purse/handbag/car/home/bank accounts (address those outgoings that are not serving you!) if your wealth is not flowing?

Similarly, can you call MORE in of what brings you energy? If there's people in your life that you love hanging out with and they bring in fresh beautiful energy; hang out with them MORE! If your wealth is flowing, call in MORE!

Take some time to journal and be honest with your answers. When we are balanced in our lives there is room for more expansion, growth, love and light and we FEEL GOOD. When we FEEL GOOD, we vibrate at a higher frequency and can call in our desires much quicker with ease and grace.

Much love for Libra season.

Mariee x

#livingwithlove #soulpreneur

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