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It's time to make time

I've always been the one who runs late. Rocking up to places either right on time or a few minutes late. My family (mostly) are all always late - growing up we'd be late for dancing classes, late for church, late for school. So I kind of excused myself over the years, even joking with family and friends it was just a 'Walsh' thing. I've heard different things about being late - that being late means you are more optimistic as you think you have more time to fit more things in. But recently I learnt that being late could mean that I am addicted to the feeling of rushing - i.e that rush of adrenalin that kicks in. Either way, time management has not always been my strongest.

And for those of you who work for yourself, I'm sure you can relate - sometimes (often!) it's super easy to get distracted; especially when you work from home! There's always something to be done - be it hanging the washing out, that drawer to de-clutter, washing the dishes, changing the bedding etc etc- basically anything 'needs' completing before committing to the task that ACTUALLY needs to be done.

There is often always a level of self-sabotage that kicks in too - that inner critic within that likes to keep us small. Perhaps subconsciously (unknowingly) those 'distractions' are a form of self-sabotage - potentially based on a fear held deep within. Such as holding a fear of stepping up and showing up online, or a fear of what other people think, or fear of doing it wrong and failing.

And of course I am the Queen of Procrastination so naturally, I have to bring in a bit of discipline to get the shit done!

So, recognising this within myself, I have created a document that aims to help keep me on track, daily. It includes space for writing my daily intention and gratitude, a self care check in (as I commit to spending at least 1.5hr on myself per day). There is space to add in your own self care tasks for example it can be anything from drinking 3 litres of water per day to committing to your yoga flow or spending some time journalling. There is also time blocking - where you can be specific with what you plan to do at certain times. I know this is going to be super effective for me and help me keep on track with my daily tasks!

So, if you would like your own copy, download it here (click Free Daily Planner) and let me know how you go.

I would love for you to tag me if you do use the Daily Success Planner @mariee.walsh so I can celebrate you - let's rise together!

Much love,

Mariee xx

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