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I manifested magic and dreamed my life into reality!

What a year!

Wow, I’ve just finished journaling and have spent time reflecting on all my years on this planet. I can’t quite believe the strength and determination I’ve had to continue to keep pushing; keep believing, keep following my truth, my passions, my desires; keep manifesting my dream life.

And I pinch myself as I write this.

How did I, create this life? How did I leave everything I knew behind, to pursue my soul calling? To move to the other side of the world, leaving everything and everyone I knew, to start again and build a new life completely from scratch?

I always knew there was more. I knew when I went travelling in 2008 my soul wasn't settled in the UK.

I had a strong inner knowing and I knew I had to follow my soul calling. I didn’t let anyone get in the way. 

People questioned it. But i did it anyway.

I was fearless.

I stepped completely into the unknown. I let go of everything. And I trusted. I trusted in myself, above anything or anyone else.

And here I am, having just celebrated another birthday, another year older, another year wiser; reflecting on my life up until this moment.

All those dreams I had - all  those vision boards and goals I created, are here. Right now. In this moment. 

I’m ACTUALLY living the life I dreamed of, the life I created and wrote about in my journals and goals books. It's by no means been an easy ride to arrive here. I've had many low points; but how do you recognise highs without those lows?!

So what exactly were my dreams? I got some of my old journals out and here’s a few examples of what I wrote:

* I feel lucky and so much gratitude for the life I live. 

* I own my own successful, thriving business. I love what I do and having the freedom to allow flexible working. I’m very passionate about what I do and it’s prevalent in my work.

* My relationship is so special. The connection we have is mind-blowing. It’s deep and it’s true. We are happy, healthy and in a communicative relationship filled with love.

* I have a happy family, who love one another unconditionally. I feel loved and important to my children.

* I feel comfortable in my own skin and confident of my abilities in helping others and confident in myself and where I am at in my life.

* I feel connected to nature, the universe and individuals. I feel oneness and I feel love.

* I have a wide friendship group who I love dearly and we meet up often. I have built my soul family. 

* I keep in touch with my family in the UK regularly and visit there every year/2 years (literally gone back every year since I left and planning to again this year!)

* I have my own business, healing others. I host circles and healing events (moon circles, women’s circles, yoga, meditation, reiki etc). I love love love helping myself and others feel this is 100% the right path.

* I spend at least 1.5 hrs on myself everyday - I am in a routine where I always make time for myself, every day. 

* I drum in a band which makes me feel alive.

* My diet is full of plant based foods and healthy meals. I have become so much more aware of what I put in my body. Through foods I recognise what helps my energy flow and help me connect deeper.

* I live in a beautiful house close to the beach and my heart is filled with love.

* I love myself and I am amazed at how I have turned my life around. I love authentically and with love and light.


The thing that made me smile with joy is, the date I’d put on there is... this year! 01.07.2020.

And all of those things, I am/have/do right now. I have created.

As I step into my new year; I choose to fully step into the the role of helping and inspiring other women find their inner power and strength to create the life they want and deserve! To help women overcome their fears, self-doubt and stories that keep them small. My soul wants to inspire others. My soul wants to teach others. My soul wants to lead others. My soul desires to help others find their inner light and shine their lights bright. My soul remembers and wants to remind yours.

I lead myself first. I created the change within myself and I followed my desires. I let go of the fears. I found my inner power and trusted my soul, my intuition, my inner guidance.

I now serve you through:

- My 1:1 coaching

- My Fearless Four Pods (kicking off 4th May, enrol now!)

- Reiki Energy Healings

- My women's circles (on and offline)

- Yoga and meditation classes

I have learnt and practiced many tools to help me on my way and I can’t wait to share these with you on my 4 day master class starting this Thursday.

Join me, live on FB for day 1 of the challenge to create the change! 7pm AWST time, 12pm UK.

Can’t wait to get started!

Lots of love to you all. xx

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