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Celebrating Lammas with Ritual

I've recently come back from an amazing 2 months in the UK, where I really connected back with the ancient land and my ancestral Celtic lineage.

Over the last few years, I've been deepening my connection with my womb, and as such the cycles and seasons of life. This led me to paganism and developing an interest in the 'wheel' of the year with the eight Wiccan sabbats. Each sabbat marks a seasonal 'turn' of the wheel and was traditionally a cause of celebration and honouring.

The wheel of the year and the Pagan calendar is something which I have become much closer to; and now choose to honour the cycles and celebrate the key milestones and seasonal changes that nature reminds us of.

What exactly is Lammas?

In the Southern Hemisphere, right now we are celebrating 'Lammas' or 'Lughnasad'. Traditionally, this day celebrated the first harvest of the summer season, specifically grain and barley, and the preparation for the approaching winter months. The grain would be harvested to make bread to feed the community for the season, and the first loaf of bread from the harvest was broken and shared in the name of the Goddess.

Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh in Wiccan and Pagan traditions. This is celebrated by honouring Lugh -the Celtic God of the Sun - who helped shine the Sun energy upon the crops.

How can I honour Lammas and this turning of the wheel?

We can bring awareness to what this season reminds us of and turn the gaze inward with some gentle reflection. Some journaling prompts could include:

- What am I grateful for from the Summer months? What has bloomed?

- What seeds of intention did I plant? Did they come into fruition?

- What did I create?

- How did I connect with others?

- What did I learn?

- What no longer serves me? What can I now let go of?

Lammas Rituals

1. Bake bread

Taking it right back to it's origins, baking a fresh loaf of bread is a beautiful way to honour Lammas. As you break the bread, bless it with love and gratitude for the abundance of the harvest, protection of the home and celebration of the Earth Mother. If you gather with friends and/or family, you could share what you are grateful for as you pass the bread.

2. Decorate your alter

I love to create new alters with a new moon; but the sabbats are also a beautiful time to create new alters to honour the seasons. Your Lammas altar could include any produce such as grains, barley, wheat, corn, bread and other agricultural items. Nuts, leaves, sunflowers and bright sun-coloured items - oranges, yellows greens, golds and reds. Use red and orange candles to honour the upcoming autumn season.

3. Light candles

Lighting candles are a beautiful way to honour Lammas - the fire of the candle representing the fire of the Sun. As you light the candle, watch it flicker and recall all the things you are grateful for as you reflect upon the summer months. What desires have come into fruition? What is still alight and alive for you?

4. Create a corn doll

Another one that's steeped in tradition is the creation of a corn doll. The corn dolly ('spirit of the grain') is a magical charm that represents promises and hopes for the coming season. It was said to protect the home and wellness of the maker when put on the alter or hearth. When creating a corn dolly, your intention, enerrgy and thoughts during creation help to curate its magic.

However you choose to honour or celebrate Lammas, I wish you Lammas love and blessings.

If you are interested in learning more or creating a corn dolly; join me in this weekend's full moon circle.

Much love,

Mariee x

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