Building your brand with colour

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

So you're thinking of starting a new business and have come to a block when thinking about where to begin with the branding process. Well, one of the first things I would ask you to consider is colour - your brand's colour palette.

When I begin work with new clients, I always ask a heap of questions. Why? Because the more information I have, the more I understand you, your values, your brand, its values and what you want to achieve in the coming years.

Essentially, where we get to from answering such questions, is a 'brand personality'. A brand personality is exactly that - a personality of your brand. Similar to you and I, we each have our own personalities; and they will differ to each other. Try and imagine your brand as a person - what do they like / dislike? What is their favourite food & drink? What kind of clothes to they wear? Where do they shop? What values are important to them? How does their voice sound (tone of voice)?

Building a brand personality is helping to build the foundations of your brand and act as a guide to give you a clear idea of how you speak, who you speak to, what's important to you, what you look like and w