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Are you projecting?

"The entire Universe is a great theatre of mirrors" - Alice Bailey.

Can we talk about projection for a minute?

Projection means, in my opinion, to basically not own your shit. It's not taking personal responsibility for your feelings, behaviours, actions and reactions; and instead blaming an external party for the way that you feel.

I've felt the 'force' of others projections on to me, particularly over the weekend, from family to yoga students and it saddens me that people are not aware of how they are projecting. I understand it's not easy to admit our own feelings, especially when we have been born into the patriarchal society and because we have not been 'taught' this stuff.

Hey, I'm no Angel - I openly admit I have massively projected in the past, and let's be honest still do at times. But these days I am more aware of when I project onto others and can consciously choose again; and take ownership of that projection.

I feel it's about time we took some ownership; brought some awareness to ourselves and realise, 'It's not you; it's me.' It's about owning up to your true feelings and communicating that. Nobody MADE you feel fearful, angry, upset or agitated. You are choosing to feel this way because you have been triggered by something external to you - and that trigger is essentially a mirror. When you look in the mirror, who or what do you see? For me this means, it's time to look inward; it's time to heal and find the root cause of the trigger.

You always have the opportunity to choose again.

You are the creator of your reality. If only you could see the magic lies within you.

So the question is... are you ready to take ownership for the rest of YOUR LIFE?

If you're ready to take ownership, if you're ready to delve into your triggers; if you're ready to heal, to grow, to expand, to change and to create a new reality.

Get in touch, I'd love to work with you. I have 1:1s slots available. Book a free 30min clarity call with me.

Much love x

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