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Hi Friend

Thanks for stopping by! 

I'm Mariee.

I've realised that what lights me the F*CK up is seeing other women shine and find their inner feminine womb magick power.


I'm passionate about helping others but know and understand that it starts with me.  That's why now, I put myself first. Not in a selfish way; just in a self-care kind of way. After all, how can anyone experience the best version of me if I don't invest time in myself? I encourage you to do the same :-)

So if you want to learn a little more about me, grab a cuppa and have a scroll - you can find out a bit more about me here. 

With Love and Light,

Mariee x

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yoga services perth
Yoga services perth
Yoga Perth
Peonies Living With Love Perth



Living in Perth

Walks on the beach


With over 10+ years experience, a first-class marketing degree and having worked in a variety of industries including FMCG, retail & hospitality; I decided to go solo and set up my own freelancing business.


I recognised that small businesses needed marketing support and direction and often didn't know where to start; so I helped get their brand underway through brand strategy, design and content creation.

This work naturally progressed into 1:1 and Group Coaching by working with a marketing client who asked me to continue to be her mentor.  From that point, I found my passion and love in mentorship and coaching other women to find and claim their power, self confidence, true authentic self and some, even create their own business.

Would you like to work together?


International I've worked on when I was working in corporate


I wanted a life that gave me more freedom, money and love.

Perhaps you can relate?

I was stuck in a job that had me working long hours, I was in a relationship that didn't fulfil me and I was limiting my financial flow, by relying solely on my salary.​

It wasn't until my mental stress started to show up in my physical body, through regular migraine and vertigo symptoms (the Doctors were so worried they sent me for all the tests including MRI scans) that I decided enough was enough. This high paying, corporate 'amazing on paper' job was not worth my health.

So I quit. With no job lined up and a great big fat question of uncertainty sitting on my shoulders.

And as if that wasn't enough, do you know what happened next? I found out my partner was cheating, the same day I found out my Dad was diagnosed with a serious illness. I ended up, literally at rock bottom.  I was 30 years old; living on the other side of the world from my family; with no income, no partner, no job and because of this, no home.

Thankfully, my best friend (a.k.a Earth Angel) took me under her wing. With quite some resistance, I reluctantly took her up on her offer of moving in with her and her family.

It took me a year of self healing, growth, investing in myself, practice and a supportive group of friends around me to help me rise again.


And rise, I did.

I now live a life of freedom, working for myself, when I want and from where I want. I have a loving and respectful relationship with a partner (we are now married) who adores me, and I am financially free, earning more and more money every month.

Do you know why? Because I believed in myself. I showed up, I took action; I invested A LOT of money in myself, I did the work, and because I understand how the Universe works; it came back to me TEN-FOLD.

I strongly believe that if I can do it; any one can.



dogs or cats?

I'm 100% a dog girl! You'll occasionally see my business partner Ralph helping out at times! 




Drum & Base

Drum & Base




I grew up in the 90s so I'm an indie chick at heart!






I do enjoy a good movie, but equally enjoy good food!

heels or flats?


I've hit my 30s, I can't wear heels like I used to!


Mariee Walsh Living With Lov
Mariee Walsh healing

My fam

Mariee Walsh Living With Love

My boy

Mariee Walsh Living With Love

My man

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