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Every month, under the new moon we gather in circle


I am a great believer in honouring the Divine Feminine through connection to the heart and womb space and gathering with our sisters.

Before light pollution and patriarchy, women would live in cycles with the moon.  We would gather in circle under the darkness of a new moon to heal wounds, share stories, pass down the mysteries of womanhood, and support and empower one another. In fact, women were so in tune with the moon, they would tend to menstruate around a new moon, gathering in 'red tents' and bleed into the earth.  Tribe leaders would come to the 'bleeding women' for wisdom such as food/water supply or any perceived danger because the veil to the upper realms (i.e connection to intuition and God/Source) was much thinner.

When women gather with sacred intention, real magic happens.

There is nothing more healing than being seen, heard, accepted, loved and held exactly as we are - letting out our truth without being judged or criticised; where we can stop pretending to hold it all together, where we can be honest and share our deepest secrets without someone trying to fix us; offer us unwanted advice and where we can simply be ourselves without judgement. And that's exactly what sister circles have to offer.

 I have a desire and strong passion to re-build the trust with the feminine through connection to the heart space, the womb space and to our dear Sisters. To honour the sacredness of the womb is to honour the sacredness of being a womb-an and witnessing the sacredness in other women around you.

I believe the womb space holds so much forgotten wisdom and over time we have become disconnected from this space which held us for nine moons and birthed us into this Earth.  New moon Womb Circles help us to awaken, remember and reclaim the power of the womb and come back to our innate feminine essence.

Upcoming Circles

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New Moon in


Wed 2nd March


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New Moon in


Wed 30th March


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New Moon in


Wed 4th May



What To Expect at a Moon Circle

  • The unexpected! The feminine way is really all about trust and surrender. I can have all these plans ready but then the evening winds up being totally not what I'd planned! We will always be guided and supported by the Divine Feminine to what we are ready to receive in each moment.

  • Sitting in circle - the circle represents the womb space, in particular the cervix. Sitting in circle allows us to witness one another and connect (energetically) our hearts and womb spaces.

  • A safe space to be able to share what is on your heart. When we share and allow ourselves to be heard with no judgement, it is truly healing. Expressing via our throat chakra helps the healing process.

  • To be seen, held, heard and loved, exactly as you are.

  • Movement/breathwork/yoga/dance/roaring -whatever we need in the moment be it slow Yin yoga, more gentle movement or energetic dance! We really do allow whatever needs to flow.

  • Sometimes (most times) I will bring ceremonial cacao. Ceremonial cacao allows us to open up our heart space - to work with the Spirit of Cacao and our Earthly Mother helps bring us back to centre.

  • Meeting like minded sisters and make new friends!

The circle on Sunday was on another level! The evening was surreal, which is what you want from an authentic sister circle. From the moment I walked through the star, I was taken to another realm. Then the circle began and I was lived up above the maya where the celebration and healing took place. I left beaming! Thank you x


Got a question about Moon Circles?

Email me, Find me on Facebook or DM me on Instagram!

Much love,

Mariee x

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