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Calm your mind, find inner peace and a

balanced state of being.

I have found that a vast majority of humans have become accustomed to live in a stressed state; stuck in the mundane train of life that be waking, working, eating and sleeping.

I wish to help them take a step back, to take back control of their lives and reconnect to their true authentic selves.


Meditation helps bring calm to the mind.  It is a practice that ‘stills’ the mind to help attain a mentally clear and emotionally calm, balanced state of being.  True meditation is letting go of the control of the mind and listening to your heart; it's being in a state of awareness; and realising the true nature of your Self.



We live in a fast-paced stressful society and meditation practice allows us a point of stillness, wellbeing and a place to reset. Meditation is often used with the aim of reducing negative feelings and emotions such as stress, depression and anxiety. Through meditation, one can find inner peace, harmony and self love; and discover a sense of balance and perspective in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming life.


Meditation is something that I turned to when my life hit rock bottom.  That's when I discovered guided meditations and started meditating daily.


Over time, I saw my mindset changed; I became more positive, ready to start rebuilding my life and truely loving myself and everything that I had in my life. Eventually I found myself able to meditate without guidance gaining a connection to myself, my spirit guides, family members who passed away and Mother Earth. I came to a complete state of bliss, and realised what true happiness was.


There is a perception that meditation is sitting cross legged with a straight back in a ‘lotus position’.

Although this is effective, it is a myth that this is the only correct way to meditate.

One can sit and meditate with their eyes closed, while one can run and meditate with their eyes open; one can kneel, while one can lay down on their back. What is important however, is that you try and have a straight spine - this allows us to open up more emotionally and physically.

Often when someone who hasn’t meditated before tries to meditate, they feel awkward and overcome with a flooding of thoughts. Some of these thoughts could be troubles from their day, or stresses around their current life; even thoughts of not having enough time. It takes real discipline and bravery to stop and sit with this awkwardness and your swirling thoughts, which is where meditation techniques can come in to guide and help maintain a focus.

If you are not based in Perth, Western Australia, you can still receive a Reiki treatment via distance. 
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