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Have you lost your spark? That zest for life...

Feeling uninspired, lacking motivation, unclear of what you want and what you really desire?

Perhaps the question 'Who am I? plays around in your mind as you feel a sense of depletion of energy, lost, uncertain, even alone?


Are you ready to take action, create a change and start living your life with intention and to its

fullest potential?





As we journey through life, it's totally normal and part of our cyclical nature that we experience times of 'not knowing' if we are on the right path. Of questioning 'what is the purpose of life?' and 'what do I even believe to be true anymore?'

In Shamanic principles, this is known as a Death/Rebirth. Death - of not the physical body; but perhaps part of the ego self - perhaps death of some beliefs, attitudes or behaviours - that no longer are aligned to serve you as you journey through the next chapters of life.

For without experiencing darkness, how can we experience light?

As we start to question ourselves- our beliefs, what we stand for, what we want and who we are, creates a beautiful blank slate from which to rebuild and start to take action to bring forth into fruition.

Finding Your Magic began from this blank slate. A place of rebuilding the foundations, and coming back to the heart of the SELF.

Your soul is calling to you.


You’ve been feeling lost, unconfident, stuck in indecision, and unmotivated. Let me tell you, IT IS NORMAL.  There is a collective shift occurring as we re-remember our power and our innocence from the purest state - like a baby exiting the womb space.

It's time to re-ignite the spark, to return to the state of innocence and curiosity. To let go of everything you think you know. To release the fears and self-doubt stories of not been good enough.

Are you listening to your inner guidance?


That part of you that KNOWs there is more. That you are destined for and deserving of GREAT THINGS.


Perhaps you feel ready to get that new BUSINESS idea underway that's been on your mind for a while now;

perhaps you feel ready to call in your SOULMATE partner;

you want to call in more MONEY;

or you're ready to bring more FREEDOM, fun and abundance into your life!


It's time to stop doubting yourself.

It’s time for you to Find Your Magic.



Finding Your Magic is a manifestation journey to help you develop your intuition, find your inner power and co-create

with the Universe to create the life you desire.


This is where my journey began - by remembering and finding my own power to manifest like a QUEEN.

I manifested everything; from jobs, houses, boyfriends, cars, money and visas; to my soul mate. 


I realised the power is within me.


And it’s about time you realised the power is within you. It’s within us all; we just have to FIND it.

Finding Your Magic is an awakening to understanding energy, consciousness and how the Universe works, connecting mind, body & soul to create a new reality.


It's a program of teachings and guided tools including videos, journal prompts, meditations and yoga.


You will learn all I know about how to bring what you desire into your reality.

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My intention for you throughout this journey is for you to re-remember your inner power; to find your confidence; to learn how to manifest like a Queen; and to transcend you forward to live the life you were meant to; the life your soul is CRYING out for you to live!


  • How to claim back your power and find your confidence

  • How to bring more positivity into your life, shift perspectives and change your attitude (and understand why you should!)

  • What’s been holding you back for so long (often subconscious)

  • How the Universe, energy and consciousness works (The Quantum Field)

  • How to shift perspectives and work with the Universe to co-create

  • How to take personal responsibility to create the life of your dreams

  • Discover those deeper aspects of yourself that are driving you and / or holding you back

  • How to identify and let go of your most limiting beliefs and blocks

  • How to powerfully and quickly manifest your desires into your reality

  • How to still the mind, stop with the overthinking and connect to your intuition/soul

  • How to live a soul-based life and create the life you love and deserve

  • How to enhance your awareness and connect to yourself and intuition

  • The 11 Universal Laws (hint: it's not just the Law Of Attraction!)

In 6 weeks, you will:

  •  Be clear about what has been holding you back

  • Have found confidence and love for yourself

  • Have found your power and shifted your self-doubt stories

  • Understand about the Universe and how you can work with it to manifest your desires

  • Have expanded your awareness and connected to your intuition

  • Be able to still your mind and stop your overthinking quickly and easily

  • Be able to manifest your desires and co-create with ease and grace

  • Have changed your attitude and feel motivated and inspired by life

  • Be able to manifest your desires like the QUEEN you are


Finding Your Magic will help you connect to yourself on a deeper level. You will connect to your own inner wisdom and find the power hidden within. You will understand how you can create your reality and what has been stopping you from receiving your dreams for so long!  You will learn and understand about your ego and your soul and how you can work with both; your 'shadows', blocks and limiting beliefs and discover what’s really stopping you from creating the life you deserve.  It's this kind of stuff that gets missed with many manifestation teachings! It's more than just the Law of Attraction -there are 10 more Universal Laws you must know about in order to manifest your dreams!

Without knowing how to truly manifest and work WITH the Universe, you will stay where you are for another who knows how many years!

It's time to connect to your soul,

your intuition; to your power and find your magic!


Finding Your Magic is an online program designed to help you get conscious and learn how to manifest your desires into your life.

Expect masterclasses, worksheets, journal prompts, yoga classes, meditations and

more to help you find your inner Queen.

The programme consists of 6 modules, to be completed over the course of 6 weeks;

meaning enough time for homework, integration and to put your learnings into practice!

Each module is designed to help you manifest your desires with love, ease and grace.

Module 1

Understanding consciousness, energy and how the

Universe works

In this module, we will discover what your soul most desires; what you want to create and most importantly, why.

You will learn about energy, consciousness, vibrations and emotions and the 11 Universal Laws

Module 4

Learning to love yourself fully,

even your shadows

In this module, you will learn tools and techniques to help you develop a deeper love for yourself and learn about the shadow self.

You will learn about shadows, self-love and be given tools, techniques & meditations to invoke & develop


Module 2

Understanding your most limiting beliefs & blocks & how your past

has created your present

In this module, we will discover patterns from your past and how they have manifested into your current reality.

You will learn about the conscious and subconscious, limiting beliefs and blockages and tools to help shift mindset & subconscious beliefs.

Module 5

The Golden Shadow

In this module, you will understand and discover your golden shadow - your greatness.

You will learn about your golden shadow and how you can integrate this to help with your manifestations and desires.

Module 3

Developing your visions and the basics of manifestation

In this module, you will learn how to shift your vibration, get clear on your desires and how to manifest.

You will learn about vibrations, mindset shifts, how to still the mind and discover tools to manifest your desires.

Module 6

Manifesting like a Queen

In this module, you will learn the secrets in embodiment and manifesting like the Queen that you are.

You will learn all my secrets in manifesting and consciously creating the life of your dreams with ease and grace.


Video Trainings

Pre-recorded video trainings plus one live Q&A at the end of the course for any questions/discussions

meditation icon.png


Pre-recorded audio meditations to help you still your mind and connect to your soul / higher self

yoga icon.png


Pre-recorded yoga classes to help you connect your mind, body & soul & move your energy

journal prompt icon.png

Journal worksheets

Pre- prepared journal prompts and worksheets to help you along your journey.

Content will be released each week but you can access at anytime as you will have lifetime access to your own member portal.

All this for an investment of just


What's included:






**Learn all about MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS with Harriette Jackson**

**How to BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS the femme way with Rachel Joy


**How to MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES with Brittney Hiller**

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 9.23.06 pm.png

Harriette Jackson

Leading Consciousness Coach & High Priestess of Light

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 2.48.35 pm.png

Rachel Joy

NLP Certification + Coach


Brittney Hiller

Speaker, Yoga & Wellness Teacher, Author

hell yes!



Best value

2 PAYMENTS   OF $349

Possible option


Most flexible option

Deposit of $229.77 followed by 6 payments

The buttons will take you through to an external secure payment page (via Square).

You will receive an email from me within the next 24 hours with further details.

Your booking is not secured until payment has been made.


Honestly thank you so so much it does feel like this course actually saved my life! Before I signed up to this course I was having dark thoughts and feeling so deep in the victimhood. Doing the course made me realise I am stronger than that - that I am responsible! I kept having questions to ask but when I moved onto the next video or activity, they were all answered - like you knew! Mentally and emotionally I feel so much stronger, I'm grounded, mindful and so positive moving forward - my power is back! Thank you so much - I still go back to the tools, meditations and teachings in this course as they helped me so much, especially Module 2 - I absolutely love it!

I finished and loved the course! I've now had to close both my businesses for the next month due to UK lock down, the kids are at school so I've got soooo much free time for the first time in my life (which was actually one of the things I was actually manifesting). I'm going to use this time productively and also re-watch it all, I've honestly really enjoyed it. Your course was perfect for me as most info is from reading books and for me this just doesn't work I'd much prefer someone to listen to.



I did another of Mariee's courses at the beginning of the year and LOVED it. It even led to me quitting the corporate world for my own hypnobirthing business which is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I signed up to this one in a heartbeat!


I have already done Fearless (and LOVED it) and currently in Wisdom Keeper but Finding Your Magic goes back to the basics in Mariee's teachings. It's all online so I enjoy being able to do it in my own time, I really love the meditations on the course and use them quite a bit and the yoga I really like as well! I've found the course really useful - I have taken longer than the intended 6 weeks as I like to take notes and write things down and process them before I move on but I really enjoyed it - I think it's amazing and super helpful with all the journal prompts.


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