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Ignite your inner flame and step into the powerful,
feminine, Queen that you are


I see you, stuck with distraction, procrastination and overthinking.

Doing anything BUT what you know you need to - what your heart and your womb
has been calling out to you for.


You have big dreams and big visions, but you fear being seen. 

You hate to admit it, but you fear failure, and because you fear failure, you halt taking action.

You fear the very essence of that which is within you, your feminine power.


And because you fear it, you distract yourself by doing anything but what you know you need to.



Step out of patriarchal conditioning and into your power as a feminine embodied leader

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  • Deepen your connection to your feminine essence and connect to your womb power

  • Get clear about your true Soul & Womb desires

  • Learn how to quiet the mind and be comfortable in stillness

  • Understand how you can tap into your feminine flow and embody the Divine Feminine

  • Understand how you can work with your masculine to help propel you forward and out of procrastination

  • Connect to your body in a whole new way and learn to trust YOUR inner guidance

  • Align and balance your masculine and feminine energies - not just your mind, but your body and soul with movement and energy healings

  • Delve into and reveal deeper aspects of yourself that you have ignored, suppressed or locked away

  • Identify your self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviours, patterns and self-doubt stories that are holding you back and learn how to TRANSFORM them to be and FEEL empowered

  • Break-through your fears, remove your 'masks' and stand in your power as a true authentic woman

  • Create and withhold healthy boundaries that FEEL GOOD

  • Work through your feelings of self-doubt, self-worth and self-love

  • Learn new self-care techniques (identify and establish your own self-care daily rituals that work FOR you)

  • Learn to love ALL of you - embody all aspects of BE-ing a woman


    Understand and work with your inner rhythm and cycle to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Step into your TRUE leadership and own your FEMININE power to call in your dreams, whether it be a new job, your own business, more money, a soul partner or more fun!

This is for you if you can relate to the disempowered state: 


  • you constantly find yourself doing things for others

  • struggle with procrastinating and distraction

  • you struggle to make boundaries

  • you withhold loose boundaries

  • you compare yourself to others

  • you tend to blame others for you feeling a certain way

  • struggle to regulate your emotions 

  • you say yes when you really mean no

  • you don't speak up and speak your truth

  • you lack trust in yourself and your intuition

  • you are constantly in the thinking mind and disconnected from your body

  • you feel youhave lost your sense of self

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  • you put your own needs first

  • make clear plans and follow through to completion

  • you make strong boundaries from a place of love

  • you withhold strong boundaries that feel good

  • you witness growth in others as a reflection of your potential

  • you take full ownership and responsibility of your emotional state and can regulate accordingly

  • you say no when you really mean no

  • you are confident in speaking up and speaking your truth from a centred and empowered place

  • you fully trust in yourself and your intuitive guidance

  • you can let go and are connected to your body, trusting her signs and cues

  • you know your power and use it with grace

Fearless can shift you from disempowered to empowered in just 4 months!

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Without peeling back the layers and taking action, we continue to stay in our comfort zones. And in 4 months time, even a year's time, we will find ourselves in the exact same situation.​


FEARLESS is a 4 month small, intimate group coaching programme that will get you out of your own way and into leading your life with love.

In 16 weeks, you will receive:

  • X 1 weekly group coaching video call with short meditation,  a topic, open discussion & Q&A

  • X8 1 hour group distant Reiki healing (2 per month)

  • Worksheets and journal prompts to complete

  • Group Voxer support to hold you accountable with love

  • Weekly Hip & Heart Opening Yoga Classes

  • Weekly homework tasks

  • x4 1:1 (1 monthly call direct with me) integration coaching calls



Month 1

Cultivate Safety In The Body

In the first month we will be getting know one another and ourselves to a deeper level. We will explore what makes us expand, what makes us contract. We will build connection to the body, and learn what does and doesn't feel good. We will get intimate with ourselves, understand and set boundaries and start to feel comfortable in our bodies & nervous system to prepare for change and expansion.

Month 3

Deepening Connection & Self-Love

This month we will be integrating our shadows and building our connection to 'Source'. We will be practicing self-care techniques and exploring embodiment practices that feel good. We will be creating a road-map to lead with love, from the heart. We will learn how to be responsible for our emotional state and stop blaming others.We will identify our soul's desires and lean into trusting the Self and intuition.

Month 2

Exploring The Feminine &


In the second month we will deepen the connection to ourselves, delving into the masculine & feminine energies that reside within. We will learn how to lean into the feminine and identify any fears and shadows we have that are stopping us from love. We will make space to feel safe in the feminine and deepen our self-love and care practices to cultivate inner freedom and peace.

Month 4

Visions & Dreams & Manifesting Miracles

Our final month will be bringing it altogether. We will lean into our inner trust and soul to bring forth our visions and dreams. We will anchor into our visions and dreams and understand how the masculine can help us take tangible steps to bring them into fruition. We will understand how working with our inner cycle can help us not hinder us and learn how we can manifest with our inner cycle and/or the moon.


Want a little more?

Upgrade to VIP and 1:1 support with me

Limited spots available.

You feel in your heart you're so ready but you want to go that bit deeper and experience one-to-one intuitive sessions. One-to-one sessions are unique and channelled specifically for you; whatever your soul needs at the time in order to support your journey into self-love, empowerment and leadership.

In addition to the group journey, you will receive:

  • x2 1:1 sessions per month

  • x1 1:1 Reiki healing per month

  • 1:1 daily Voxer support

Through doing the inner work with Mariee I have learnt to take responsibility for situations and try to understand the lesson in everything that happens for me. I gained so much self awareness and learnt how to accept and love myself. I am now able to practice detachment which has had a huge impact on all the relationships in my life. I am able to set healthy boundaries and put me first without feeling guilty. I can recognise my fears and understand where they came from… the list goes on and on! Thank you Mariee for your constant support, love and guidance. You have allowed me to see who I truly am- I am a loving, connected, powerful leader!

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Investing in the Fearless Pod was one of the best decisions I made this year. After joining one of Marie’s sister circles and then following that up with a consultation call I knew I wanted to work more closely with her. Joining the Fearless Pod was an obvious choice for me as it also would provide me with an opportunity to work with other women. The whole journey was magical and I have created amazing bonds with all of the women that will last a life time. We have laughed and cried together in a sacred safe space which allowed me to open up in a way I haven’t before. I have learnt so much about myself and I really love the person I see. The work Mariee set during this time allowed me to start being responsible and to shift out of old behaviour patterns that no longer serve me. I learnt to surrender and to trust in divine timing and this has had such a profound impact on those around me and my close relationships and I am so grateful for this. It has been truly life changing. I am so grateful for this experience and I have loved working with Mariee so much that I signed up for the Wisdom Keeper. Thank you Mariee for everything


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I signed up to the Fearless Four thinking it would give me a well-needed kick start and accountability to getting my business moving. It certainly did this successfully, but not in the way I expected, with the course being so much more than that. Being a part of Mariee's Fearless Pod was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I have realised now that I listened to my gut, although not quite knowing exactly what I was getting into, but trusting that it what was I needed.


Not only was I able to put a different energy into my own business, I have been given the confidence and trust to quit my 'day job' so that I can truly focus on what makes me happy!

I cannot recommend Mariee and the Fearless Pod enough. Mariee is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, inspiring, motivating, loving and kind. Her teaching and ability to bring a group of women together, instantly creating a lasting bond, and supporting us in finding our path is simply magical.

Thank you Mariee xxx

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They are keeping you small.

I see you, working those long hours, feeling busy and stressed, stuck in the ‘doing’; in the ‘busyness of life’.

I see you, as you struggle to allow yourself time to stop and rest.


You know, deep down in your heart that you are destined for more. That your life is meant to be abundant, in all areas. You know you are meant for bigger things. Yet your head is telling you to stay in the safety of your current situation.

That you are not quite ready.


Your mind fills you with excuses, with delays, with the 'I'll be ready when *insert excuse*.

You are keeping yourself small, keeping yourself safe - your head (masculine) is ruling the show and you're

disconnected from your heart and your womb power (feminine).


You know you ARE ready. You feel it deep within your bones.

Lean into the discomfort.

Create the change you know you are destined for and build the foundations for the rest of your life.




Doors Close 10th April 22

Pay in Full

Payment Plan
4 x $888

4 month

Payment Plan
6 x $666

6 month

* All investments are in AUD. Link will direct you to a secure Square payment page.

VIP Option

As a VIP you get a little extra love and attention. VIP includes bi-weekly 1:1 direct video Zoom calls with me, 1:1 Voxer daily support and an additional x4 1:1 Reiki treatments. VIP spots are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis. 

Pay in Full

Payment Plan
4 x $999

* All investments are in AUD. Link will direct you to a secure Square payment page.


Being part of the Fearless Four was such an incredible experience. I learned so much - learning how to work with the menstrual cycle was a game changer for me!!

I realised when taking this course that I really wanted to use my gifts, my voice and my story to serve others; and I am doing this now with my new soul-led business venture. I wouldn't have thought I could take this step if I hadn't done this course so thank you for helping me step into my power and overcome my biggest fear of speaking and showing up live on camera. It was amazing to have accountability with four other women, including Mariee - beautifully inspiring women!

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