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Claim your Power, Know your Truth, Find your Purpose

Please see below my online courses and upcoming live workshops


A 6 week online experience

Finding Your Magic is an online manifestation and self development journey to help you develop your intuition, find your inner power and learn how to co-create with the Universe to create the life you desire.


Watch and complete the content in your own time in the comfort of your own home.

Once purchased, you have lifetime access, meaning you can re-watch over and over again!

Jam packed with teachings, trainings, tools and techniques to connect to yourself and the Universe to co-create the life you desire.

Topics include: Understanding Consciousness and our energetic field; Ego Vs Soul; Identifying and understanding your most limiting beliefs and blocks; Self-sabotage and Upper limits; The 11 Universal Laws; Connect to your future self and


Complete with weekly yoga classes and meditations too!


 I promise you, this is life-changing and you won't regret it!


This is a 3 -part online series of pre-recorded content to help you connect to your future self and start creating steps to bring her into your reality. A great introductory programme to start you on your Universal journey of discovery and magic!

- Understand values and what yours are​

What you believe to be most important; your essence; your 'drive' for life. How can you create a future if you don't know what your values are? I believe this your foundation; your stepping stones which can help make future decisions your future self will thank you for!

- Meet your future self and tap into her energy

- Learn tools and tips to manifest your future life with ease and excitement!

Just $88.00!
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