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Feeling stuck in a rut? 


Have a feeling there must be more to life?

There is. And it can start here.

Welcome to my creative online home and thank you for showing up here.


I'm Mariee, and I'm  passionate about helping others achieve greatness and find their inner flame.  My purpose is to help you reconnect back to your true self and shine your light, brightly.


I am grateful to have been gifted some magnificent tools that can help you to reconnect and align your mind, body and soul, to help you too, find your true purpose.


An 8 week course for 4 women who have found themselves stuck in procrastination mode. Who continue to tell the same self-doubt stories, which are stopping you from taking action.  You find yourself so busy in the 'doing' that you struggle to slow down and take time to rest.

You know you are ready to take action to start to build the foundations to live the life you dream of. You just need a little leg up, a little support and accountability and. push you in the right direction and keep you on track.


This 8 week container is designed to help you to zoom out, to see how you create your reality and how you can change your future. It's designed to help you take action; to connect to your inner wisdom and find your own personal toolbox to start living your dream life; the life you truly deserve.

The Pods are designed to help you:

  • Set clear intentions

  • Shift the self-doubt and procrastination patterns 
    with self-care techniques
    (identify and establish your own self-care daily rituals)

  • Set and understand clear boundaries 
    (Understand what your boundaries are, how and when they are crossed & how to create healthy boundaries

  • Understand and work with your menstrual cycle

  • Ground and cleanse your energy

  • Recognise shadows, limiting beliefs and blocks
    (what is holding you back from living the life you want and deserve)

Plus much more!



Feeling stuck in a rut? Disconnected? Frustrated with your current reality and have an inner feeling, a niggle, an inner knowing that there must be more to life? 

There is. You know it in your heart!

Yet your self-doubt and monkey mind tells you, you are not good enough.

Without you knowing, your soul has guided you to this page; you have already taken your first step towards the life you always dreamed of.

By acknowledging you need assistance, you are in the space of transformation and ready for change.   I have journeyed this road and I have learnt the lessons to assist in your development, to help you create the change you know you need.


You can create the change that is needed.

I did.


And I have every desire and all the love to help you find your power to help you Build Your Beautiful and live the life you are so deserving of.

My desire and purpose is to help you to RECONNECT back to yourself. 

I am here to help you ignite your inner flame & reclaim your power.

Sound exciting?

I started working with Mariee when there was uncertainty in my job, which lead me to stress about money and a whole lot of 'what ifs'.  Mariee doesn't give you a silver bullet - she gives you tools, week by week, for you to use and tap into your own power. This is a foundation that you can use for the rest of your life.

She is supportive, sometimes asks you questions you don't want asked but need to hear to grow,

and her loving energy is always felt.

Since working with Mariee, I've spent the time figuring out what my micro business stands for, what soul clients I want to help and trusting that I do have something meaningful to help others. This work has seen me rebrand my business, offer a new service and have a social media presence. I'm also more in tune with my intuition, aware of my power and have the tools at my disposal to tap into when I need.


Experience the benefits of a Reiki treatment for yourself.
So often we are so busy, ticking off to-do lists and getting caught up in the stresses of everyday life. I invite you to pause, breathe and experience a Reiki treatment to refill your cup.
I'd love to chat with you to see how I can help you.
Or if you just want to say hello, that's totally cool too!


Feeling social anxiety, a lack of direction or stressed? 
Book a one-to-one session with me and I can help you reconnect back to yourself, helping to release stagnant energies.




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Thank you for visiting. Mariee x

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