The story

Jackie actually came to me with a number of ideas and was confused as to how they could work together. After discussion, I helped her find clarity and create an 'umbrella' brand - Jacqueline Yong Empoweress, from which she can launch any other sub brands.

We worked through her brand values and got clear about her direction. We discussed colours, her ideal target audience and her business goals before I began creating her mood board.
I then developed various logo concepts, but this one I knew was special. This one was divinely guided. Inspired by sacred geometry and the value of freedom. I was super excited about this concept but didn't say anything about it when presenting all concepts to her.


OF COURSE she was drawn to this one as it was created with a unique energy.

The palette

The brand

The vision

The digital


The print

I recently engaged Mariee to build the brand for my business. Mariee infused my brand with love and creativity that it birthed its individual identity. I enjoyed working with her and have learnt so much for her that I have now asked Mariee to be my coach/mentor.


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