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1:1 Mentorship

You want freedom, money, love and abundance in your life, but you don't know where to start to call that in! Let's chat about how you can claim back your divine feminine power and journey through your masks to find your true authentic self and create a life where you get what you want,  because YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Build The Life You Love


Throughout my life I’ve always had a passion to help others.  I always seemed to be the one that people would turn to for advice;

I always could help others; it came so naturally to me; so this new venture feels so right and in line with my true purpose.


My DESIRE is to help you to RECONNECT back to yourself. You know there is more to life than your current reality. Perhaps you feel stuck or frustrated and you have an inner knowing that there must be more to life than this. 


There is. 


Trust me.

I’ve experienced it. I’ve been in the shit. I had no job, found out my partner was cheating, lost my home & discovered by dad had cancer. All within the space of a week. My life collapsed around me. I felt I had lost everything.


Thankfully I have some amazing earth Angel friends who let me live at their house for almost a year, rent free whilst I built myself back up. I found my inner flame; I ignited that *MF* and I started to heal myself. I journaled, meditated, wrote positive affirmations; gave Reiki to myself, and walked on the beach every day. I also sought external help, saw a psychologist, a kinesiologist and an energy healer. 


I found that inner strength; that inner power to go back out to the world and start again.

And that I did.

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I had my own marketing business ‘Cape & Crown Creative’ that I started 2017, and having worked for myself for a year I realised something was missing. That not only was my brand not in line with my authentic self - it was so egoic; built from years of being in the corporate industry; living in the toxic masculine. But to me, it held negative energy - the guy who I was with when I launched had helped me with the logo design and set up.


So, after some time away on a retreat, I decided to rebrand. I decided to cut back the shit that I didn’t enjoy. When I first started out I’d take what I could; from social media management to website design to project management, for fear of failing, I suppose. But after a year, I found myself attracting clients who wouldn’t pay, who treated me with disrespect and who expected the world; so essentially the fear was coming into my reality.


I rebranded to Living With Love. I took back control and decided to LIVE my brand.  Living With Love; the name inspired by the way in which I desire to live, and since rebranding and committing to live in line with my own personal values, I have attracted more and more soul clients and my business is growing and evolving each day.


And as this little business of mine keeps growing and expanding;


I want to share the lessons I’ve learnt with YOU -


so you can cut the crap and discover what you really know within; that there is more.



My purpose is to inspire women all over the globe to find their inner power; to ignite that inner flame.
To fuel your heart with love.

I commit to living with an open heart, to be honest, to speak my truth and I want to empower you to do the same.

Take a look below to see if working with me feels like the right fit for you x



You are feeling lost in life, not sure what direction you are headed and are ready for change!  This program helps to shift your frequency so you vibrate at a higher level. Through this program you will gain clarity, self love and confidence and a clear direction towards finding your purpose.


We can do this through a 3 month personal coaching commitment which includes:

- weekly video calls & daily communication

- defining your personal values (& how they relate to your brand if you have one)

- vision board creation activities

- journal prompts

- shadow work and limiting beliefs

- understanding  and awakening your divine feminine

- How to lead with your feminine and work with your cycle

- Reiki healing

- meditations and yoga practices

- moonology (working with the moon in line with your personal astrology)

- card readings

- distance healing

- clutter clearing (from the monkey mind!)

- Plus much more!

If this sounds of interest to you, let's chat more about how I can help you.



A Reiki session gives you an opportunity to fill your cup back up. The healing energy allows you to gain clarity and assists you in transforming any blocks, stress and tension that you may be holding.
 Above all most people report finding it deeply relaxing.
Learn more about Reiki
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