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For women ready to uplevel their life an

Are you ready to reclaim the woman you are meant to be?



Are you ready to reclaim the life you are meant to live and get out of your own way?

I'm looking for women who aren’t afraid, who are ready to find their integrity, drive and passion and feminine power.


To go all in. To rewrite their script and reclaim their destiny. You see, dreams with no action won’t work. 


I’m here to call you out and call you forward.


This isn’t for the faint hearted. This is for the women who want to create real change.

SACRED IDENTITY _ Maree Walsh-256.jpg


  • You want the freedom of working for yourself (whether you have a business idea or not)

  • You have a business you’re trying to get off the ground

  • You’re in a career you dislike

  • You have an idea in your mind that you are wanting to create into reality, become real and tangible

  • You have been knocked down emotionally, financially, physically and are ready to stand up and fight back

Have you got the fight to make the change your soul needs?

​Are you ready to believe in yourself?​


This is not just another one of those get rich quick courses.

This is not just a ‘teach and leave you to do your thing’ scenario.

This is for the women who are ready. Ready to step up, ready to harness and embody the WARRIORESS energy and women who are ready to lead themselves, first.


This is deep, transformative work; a soul journey.


A time to get intimate with yourself, with your body, with your feminine essence and to embody what you learn, not only into your life, but into your business/future business.


It’s time to create new rules, a new way of life, a new way of business.




My intention for you throughout this experience is to guide you to find your truest potential. To step into your feminine power with integrity and grace, embody the Warrioress energy and lead 

like a QUEEN.


  • Get out of your own way and reclaim your power

  • Take responsible action

  • Connect to your soul and know your true soul desires

  • Live a life of more pleasure, joy and abundance

  • Create a vision for your life and business

  • Integrate and embody both masculine and feminine energies to create a soul-led life and business

  • Build your legacy that will grow and expand as you do

  • Receive all that your best self truly desires 

  • Find your authority as an empowered woman

  • Create money from investing in this course


Whether you have a business, want a business, or want the freedom of working for yourself and live a more abundant lifestyle, this course is for you.


  • X 1 weekly group video call with short meditation

  • X6 1 hour private 1:1 calls with me (1 per month)

  • X6 1 hour group distant Reiki healings

  • Worksheets and templates

  • Daily direct access to me via private Voxer support

  • Weekly topic, open discussion & Q&A

  • Weekly journal prompts & homework tasks

  • Access to pre-recorded yoga classes

  • Attunement to Reiki I (if desired)


I’m looking for a group of women ready to uplevel their life and business (or future business)

Women who are seeking a life of abundance, freedom, love, pleasure, and joy.

Is that you?


Do you believe it’s possible? Do you believe you are capable?


Let me tell you, ANYTHING is possible when you understand how this Universe works and when you realise that you are the only thing that is stopping you.


It can be a hard pill to swallow when we come to the realization that the one and only thing that stops us from living the life we truly desire, is ourselves.


It’s not the money problems, the time issues or the energy or resource challenges.


It’s you.


You’re giving your power away and allowing fear to lead the way. What are you allowing fear to do to you?​ Your fears are keeping you small. And YOU KNOW you are meant for greater things.

There are FOUR PILLARS to this journey that will transform you as a woman:


We will unlock, magnify and embody your feminine power including:

Womb clearing and activation
Self pleasure

Menstrual cycle and seasons

Sex magick


We will unlock your ability to receive abundance including:

Identifying money stories

Reprogramming your mindset

Real, tangible ways to receive

Rewriting your ideas about money


We will understand how our energies ebb

and flow with the moon:

Lunar abundance

Moon cycles and seasons

Astrological calendar & Zodiac signs

Numerology insights


We will discover your unique gifts that serve the world including:

Map out your soul-led business

Create a soul-led strategy

Build a legacy that grows & evolves as you do

Empowerment tools & techniques

This online embodied journey brings together my expertise in SPIRITUALITY, SOUL WORK, COACHING, and MARKETING and BUSINESS; helping you live a life of love and create a business/brand with intention of the highest of energies to help not only you, but the

greatest, highest good of all.


Once we have identified your area of expertise and how you are here to serve the world, there is an additional add-on option to create a beautiful brand with my BRANDING PACKAGE so you can launch your business out into the world with the highest of intention and infused with the Reiki energy!


This is a full embodied experience; 

A 6 month journey, with a collective group of Women Warriors ready to uplevel alongside you.

The pod of Women Warriors will be with and behind you, every step over the way, supporting you, celebrating you and believing in you and all that you can go out and achieve.

It's a proven fact that when we surround ourselves with a community of like minded individuals, we are more likely to succeed, grow and find happiness.

I can guarantee that in 6 months time you will NOT be the same person as you are now.


Come ALL IN.

I'm here to forward you.


And if that's not enough...

You will also get:



  • A SOULcial Media EXPERT sharing her tips and knowledge as to how to build your brand online, consciously

  • A Non-Violent Communication expert telling us how we can practice non-violent communication at home and in the work environment

  • Plus more TBC!


  • At the end of the 6 months I am offering you the opportunity to receive Reiki I attunement, meaning you can use this healing modality going forward in life and business! You can EARN money by investing in yourself!

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"This course really did help me when I needed it most! It feels like you actually saved my life. Before the course I was having dark and suicidal thoughts because I was so deep in the victim zone. Doing the course made me realise I'm so much better than that. I kept having questions to ask you, but when I moved on to the next video or activity, they were all answered."


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