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Shift your mindset and habits and step into your Divine Feminine to create a soul-led life.



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​Welcome to my creative online home and thank you for showing up here.


I'm Mariee, and I'm passionate about helping ambitious women find their power, connect to their feminine flow and create a life of more freedom, more money and more love.  My purpose is to help you reconnect back to your true authentic Self and help you to shine your light, brightly.


I am grateful to have been gifted some magnificent tools that can help you to reconnect and align your mind, body and soul, to help you step into the best and highest potential version of you in this lifetime.


From 1:1 and Group Coaching to guide you through all the inner work and unravelling of stories that do not serve you to help you step into your power; to Branding and Design Packages that help you show up in the world as your true authentic Self, I'm so excited and blessed that you showed up here!

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How to break-through patriarchal expectations to unleash your Divine Feminine to create a free, confident and connected life.

with special guests Harriette Jackson, Rachel Joy, Rachael Te Wano, Rohma Theunissen, Felicity Weston, Emma Estrela, Claire Stone, Charli K Matthews and Brittney Hiller

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"This course really did help me when I needed it most! It feels like you actually saved my life. Before the course I was having dark and suicidal thoughts because I was so deep in the victim zone. Doing the course made me realise I'm so much better than that. I kept having questions to ask you, but when I moved on to the next video or activity, they were all answered."



Moon + Womb

2021 Womb & Moon Daily Planner

Want to step into the new year with purpose?

Grab my 2021 Moon and Womb tracking Planner! 

When you work with the moon and your menstrual cycle, you can maximise your potential, creativity and understand yourself on a deeper level!


- Moon cycles & daily moon

- New and full moon ritual suggestions

- Menstrual cycle tracking

- Not only the Gregorian calendar but also the Zodiac seasons

- Monthly information and affirmations to suit the Zodiac seasons

- Daily time blocking, intention setting, gratitude & reflection to keep you accountable throughout the year

- Monthly reflection




I wanted a life that gave me more freedom, money and love.

Perhaps you can relate?

I was stuck in a job that had me working long hours, I was in a relationship that didn't fulfil me and I was limiting my financial flow, by relying solely on my salary.

It wasn't until my mental stress started to show up in my physical body, through regular migraine and vertigo symptoms (the Doctors were so worried they sent me for all the tests including MRI scans) that I decided enough was enough. This high paying, corporate 'amazing on paper' job was not worth my health.

I quit. With no job lined up and a great big fat question of uncertainty sitting on my shoulders.

And as if that wasn't enough, do you know what happened next? I found out my partner was cheating, the same day my Dad was diagnosed with a serious illness. I ended up, literally at rock bottom.

30 years old; no income, no partner, no job and because of this, no home.

It took me a year of self healing, growth, investing in myself, practice and a supportive group of friends around me to help me rise again.


And rise, I did.

I now live a life of freedom, working for myself, when I want and from where I want. I have a loving and respectful relationship with a partner who adores me and I am financially free, earning more and more money every month.

Do you know why? Because I believed in myself. I showed up, I took action; I invested A LOT of money in myself, I did the work, and because I understand how the Universe works; it came back to me TEN-FOLD.

By being on this page; you have already taken your first step towards the life you always dreamed of.

By acknowledging in yourself you are ready for a change and that perhaps you need assistance, you are already in the space of transformation and ready to UPLEVEL. 


YOU can create the change that is needed in your life, to bring in more LOVE, MONEY and FREEDOM

by taking intuitive, inspired action.

I started working with Mariee when there was uncertainty in my job, which lead me to stress about money and a whole lot of 'what ifs'.  Mariee doesn't give you a silver bullet - she gives you tools, week by week, for you to use and tap into your own power. This is a foundation that you can use for the rest of your life.

She is supportive, sometimes asks you questions you don't want asked but need to hear to grow,

and her loving energy is always felt.

Since working with Mariee, I've spent the time figuring out what my micro business stands for, what soul clients I want to help and trusting that I do have something meaningful to help others. This work has seen me rebrand my business, offer a new service and have a social media presence. I'm also more in tune with my intuition, aware of my power and have the tools at my disposal to tap into when I need.


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Feminine Flow

Transform your energy levels and life simply by working with your cycle, not against it!


Our hormones can affect how we feel, mentally, physically and emotionally. Getting closer to your menstrual cycle and the impact it can have when working with it as opposed to against it can be a total game changer. Honour your body, It is your most precious tool. Much love x

Experience the benefits of a Reiki treatment for yourself.
So often we are so busy, ticking off to-do lists and getting caught up in the stresses of everyday life. I invite you to pause, breathe and experience a Reiki treatment to refill your cup.

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I'd love to chat with you to see how I can help you.
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Thank you for visiting. Mariee x